​A strong woman by Miss Helleny

   I smile because I am a woman with a strong backbone, long neck,sweet lipped and walking tall.
  I walk the walk because I am a woman strong,bold and stoking the development fire, food on the table with a home beautiful inside out.

I tread with grace because I am intuitive and I can tell when you are not who you say you are because God gave me that mind. What an exhilarating gift….because I am a woman, He gave me the world and you…

As women,let’s hold our hands together, hold our heads high because we are the best of all God’s creation.

  I am a woman, an African woman who is holding the candle of my nation,holding the children and now holding the offices. Tiered, weary,multi tasking and loving those in-laws who don’t want to love me.

Doing the chores beyond domestic and the bedroom antics….

I am a woman, I am  beautiful,I am God’s daughter.

I fetch water,I break wood,I trek miles and I hold futures so now let’s do it together and it will get better because I have you and I am who I am because I have learned to be a strong African woman.

By; Miss Helleny


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