​Nigerian single mum forced to delete her child’s photos on social media after she was told men might not approach her because she has a kid (SEE PHOTOS) 

​Nigerian single mum forced to delete her child’s photos on social media after she was told men might not approach her because she has a kid (SEE PHOTOS)
IG user and single mum, Adetoro Adeyemi, who was told men may not have been approaching her because she has her daughter’s pictures on her social media page, has rescinded her decision after she came to the realization that her beautiful child is a pearl she need not hide. On her IG page, she wrote

”I dont know what came over me few weeks ago.i spent d last part of 2017 trying to find man that we can sha be playing love together,doing all these sweet romantic tins you know. So i was told d reason am probably still single is because my babys pic is all over my page hence some men mit tink am married and that some guys dont fancy everyone knowing their babe once had a baby so it has to be coded.when i heard it it made me so weak as to why i cant just be a young mum proud of her cutey.i didnt think 2ce i took down all our pics.i don’t know if I did it bcuz of what I was told or if am hoping d cleanse will bring me d new start I crave badly.Days later I started getting messages Toro is this still ur page,we’re u hacked, is it now a business page alone but 1 tin I now know is its not even abt man.d goal is to work on myself first,get better so man will become a added advantage later.2018 happy you are finally here with so much hope and postives vibes to align with my faith that you will be the change in tune I need in my life. Behind all d plenty cute happy snaps there was dis pain in my heart,this anger,this hurt,I made too much mistakes out of anger.av learnt forgivness is key and to cut off whatever. It gives me so much peace to say thank u 2017, av learn I think I av healed and learnt and ready for a fresh new start.so here is d answer to what we look like to my new followers. She made my 2017. she turned one this year, am already looking forward to 2,10,18.. You bring me so much joy Gabriella, I remeberrr wen I was thinking of what to name u and I saw gabby (devoted to God) I didn’t tink twice. i derive so much strength from u. And I will love if any man eyeing me on here just accepts us together ni edakun. Dosent mean i won’t be lit trust me pls cuz forget it I am Toro with the good vibes and I remain a loyal G. So man if u are seeing this am sorry I couldn’t resist not putting up my baby she is too adorable. what is not there to love about this pearl of mine,she cute. So here is cheers to our 2018.we go blow. I will make you proud and I am proud of u and that’s why u will never be hidden by me because u are a Star. Happy new year ??? #istillremaingabbysmum”.

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