​OAP Blossom Martins Accuses Twin Sisters Of Fraud In Enugu 



A journalist and On-Air Personality at Solid 100.9 FM Enugu, Blossom Martins, has called out two young ladies who have been labelled a scammer after allegedly defrauding her. According to Blossom Martins, the twin sisters identified as Alexander Soina And Alexander Sophia – claimed that their father is blind, their mum is dead and their aunt threw them out of the house, in a bid to get help from people.

The girls are said to have used sympathy method to allegedly scam and collect money from various unsuspecting victims.

Another reporter who works with City Radio 89.7FM, Gwen Divy Ifeson notified Blossom Martins of the girls’ tricks after making a payment to them.

Below is what Blossom Martins shared online;

Ghen Ghen!!! It haff finally shelle. …. CRIMINAL ALERT! These two girls Alexander Soina And Alexander Sophia are Thieves ooooooh. I mean ndi oshie… These children are broad daylight criminals…… Cyber thieves…… Jesusssssss…..

They came to me that their father is blind in the village and their Aunty threw them out bla bla bla, and their mother is dead bla bla bla….Forgetting am a journalist and before I send you one naira no matter where you are, I must investigate your case……

So from my findings, this is what they have been doing, Thanks to Gwen Divy Ifeson who helped me investigate these little rascals….

They have told all sorts of lies in other to extort money from people, even the ones I know and the ones I don’t know….. Choi Am still in shock sha…….. bunch of heartless beings…. To imagine they where even crying self when I called, gives me goose bums…

Chei. ……… Some people tho

My own is simple! all the lies you both have told must be your portion in jesus name….

And for your information I will take this case very personal and fish you out wherever you are! And make sure both of face the law…..

You have meant the wrong girl and person, cos by the time am done with you both you will pack your things and move to that village that is hungring you….



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