​SEX TO REPENTANCE By:- Judith Ndife

She was in my arms, we were cuddled together naked and just finished making love to catch up for the lost time.

It was pleasurable as usual and we enjoyed it. We haven’t seen each other for few weeks and we were in love.

She was a leading member of our campus fellowship : Association of Christian Fellowship (ACF). A vibriant sister; very beautiful but she was  my lover and partner in sin and I just saw her off at about 10:18pm after rounds of sex.

It wasn’t up to 30 minutes when my phone rang, I picked it up only for the caller to tell me the owner of this phone was killed by a truck that failed brake. I screamed and shout “Whaaaaat?” 

It was like I was hit by a tsunami! I lost composure and started crying.

When I finally got to her house the next morning, people were in sad mood…

but most of them were praising God that a dedicated sister has returned to Heaven.

But deep inside me, I felt a great guilt and I knew deep down what we did in secret. I’m the only one who knows the final sin she committed (sex out of wedlock)

Friends, do you know life might end today? God forbid, but it’s possible.

Do you also know death can come unexpectedly?

Do you realise that some people might sleep this night and never wake up tomorrow, what if I am amongst them?

Do I know where my soul will go?

*Do you know people might say good things about you at your funeral, because of what they see and not really know what you do in secrecy?

But your secret sins and sinful thought might place you in hell?

You can’t hide them from the Almighty God!

Kindly examine yourself today, in case tomorrow never comes.

For some of us, it may not be Fornication nor Adultery, but what about Lies, Exaggeration, Disobedience, Malice, Grudges, Gambling, Smoking, Alcoholism, Envy, Jealousy, Pride, Anger, Unforgiveness, Bad Temper, Lust, Bad Habits, Inordinate Affections, Immoral Thought, Covetousness etc…

Some of us may be Leaders in Ministries yet keeping malice and bearing grudges against one another for years!

Some may not have overcome Anger and Temperament, while some are even struggling with Drug, Lust, Pornography & Homosexuality, Sodomy, Beastiality, Lesbianisim & all sorts of sexual depravities!

It is not late today, but it might be tomorrow.

God will forgive you right now if you repent sincerely.

Ask God to forgive you and rededicate your life to Him.

Eternity will surprise many.

Don’t be on that list of negative surprise.

Please Do not hesitate to share this powerful and life changing message. Don’t be a fine Religious Christian worshipping God, in the same time deceiving yourself & allowing the devil to deceive you.
Please do share with a friend and ensure all your friends read this post today…

Eternity is constant & always just a click away!

God bless you…


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