​YOUTH ARISE 2019 By; Nixon Odimbu



Youth Arise, the time is now to remove charlatans that are liabilities to the country and blockage to our development.

The time is now to remove those evil and  irresponsible Governors, Senators, House Of Reps, LGA chairmen and Councillors, that has kept the people in popular poverty and hunger, youths unemployed, and reluctantly allowed the genocide in some parts of the country to linger, it is high time we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to their political despotism and tyrannical leadership in disguised.

Let us use our numerical strength and youthfulness to cause a paradigmatic shift in the Nigeria sociopolitical environment. We should break away from what I call the shackles of oppressors and elites bandits because they have perennially relegated us to the back seat.

I am certainly out of the league of just voters come next election. We should be voted for too. My dear brothers, sisters and comrades,  we cannot continue to complain, let us take a bold step today to liberate our generation from the current abyss of poverty and poor leadership. The future of the world relies on the ability of the youths to gather and garner their minds and prudent towards the anticipated concerns of posterity.

Everybody is preparing for the future from today, if we are not given, we must prepare to take it because the future generation awaits our prowess. The survival of tomorrow is based on our actions and decisions of today.

This day, I have come to inform you that I am already determined to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the Injustice, Nepotism and Political chauvinism in delta state and the extremity of Nigeria.

I am ready to be the difference I have talked about, with a renewed spirit fired with an unquenchable faith in God that our Emancipation has come.

Support Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu(The Realist) 4 House Of Representative 2019,  Aniocha North Federal Constituency Delta State.



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