19-Year-Old Orphan Who Refused To Abort Pregnancy After She Was Gang Raped

A Nigerian man, Ifeanyi Odiaka, has shared the story of a 19 yr old orphan who was gang raped and impregnated. The story which he shared on Facebook is in reaction to an advice given by OAP Daddy Freeze in regards to the news of a 17 yr old girl who was impregnated by armed robbers who gang raped her.

Reacting to the news, Daddy Freeze advised the young girl to disregard her parents and her Church’s opinion against aborting the pregnancy. According to him, it is her decision to make because she owns her body.

However, Ifeanyi Odiaka feels his advice is quite wrong as he cited the case of a 19 yr old orphan girl who now nurses a baby who is the product of rape.

He wrote:

”A sensitive situation but I do not stand with Daddy Freeze….

Just as I was about starting my day, I came across a story online about a 17yr old lady who was raped by robbers and now she is pregnant. Despite now gaining admission into the University, her parents and church are against the lady aborting the baby. And my dear friend Daddy Freeze has come out to say that the lady reserves the right to abort the child, stating that it is her body.

Well, it is not her body, it is God’s. Let us not be quick to take out God in certain situations. God remains God and no man can take his place. Lucifer with all his powers, failed. God is the great master planner and he knows us even before we were born. God has the final say and He allows things to happen for specific reasons. Abortion i.e taking the life of an innocent child will always be an evil act. Children, no matter the circumstances they were conceived, remains the best gift from God!.

In saying this, let me share a story about Gift in this pics. Gift is a 19yr old orphan, who was gang raped. As a result of that, she got pregnant. She decided not to abort and today she has a 4months old baby. The road has been very rough for her, to be honest. She is virtually homeless and has also been diagnosed with hepatitis B. Her dreams of becoming a nurse has been distorted (certainly not over). Hearing her speak melts my heart and as I carried her baby in my arms, I knew immediately that God has designed something great for both mother and child. Her sorrows will not endure till the morning….that’s for sure. If you want to be part of Gift’s journey to total restoration, in whatever capacity, you can inbox me.
And so, I urge the 17yr old lady who was raped by robbers to listen to her parents (and church). Go through with the trauma. Go through with the pain. Go through with the disgrace. Go through with the shame. One thing I know is that God in heaven, who sees all things and can do all things will make you smile at the end.
Don’t do it….Don’t abort the precious baby. God has a greater plan for you and the baby. Just hold on to God.

God bless!”


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