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What are cricket fielders?

Cricket fielders is a sport that is part of the bat-and-ball family of disciplines. This means that there are many similarities, for example, between cricket and baseball. Fans of any of these sports can visit 1xBet – profitable online bet can be made on lots of matches of these games.

These sports share many concepts. One of them corresponds to the fielder. As in other sports of this family, the job of the cricket fielders is to catch the ball after it has been hit by the batter. The sooner the fielder can catch the ball, the less runs the batter is capable of making.

However, becoming a fielder is much more than simply catching a ball. There are multiple concepts, definitions and strategies that apply into this aspect of the sport that make it quite an interesting one. Those who want to make profitable online bets can visit the 1xBet site, which also offers multiple wagering options when it comes to fielders.

Many Positions

When looking at a cricket field, it is possible to see that it can be divided into two big regions. They are the off side and on side. This is measured with respect to the arm used by the batter. You can try cricket betting from 1xBet boomaker, and from there, enjoy many wagering chances on cricket fielders.

However, each of these large regions of the field also have many established positions for the fielders. Some of their positions include:

  • third man;

  • long on;

  • long off;

  • mid-wicket;

  • square leg;

  • and many others.

As said before, any team who wants to succeed in a cricket game must make careful planning with their fielders. In other words, this is much more complex than simply putting players in random positions. Fans can enjoy great opportunities from the 1xBet bookmaker, which allows them to try cricket betting on the squads that feature the best fielders.

Restrictions for fielders

The Laws of Cricket specify multiple restrictions regarding the positioning of the fielders. Of course, they must be taken into consideration when coming up with the strategies that will be used in a game. The most exciting live cricket bets are on 1xbet, where fans can wager on the strategies that squads use.

For example, fielders can’t put any part of their body over the pitch. In fact, if their bodies create a shadow, that can also be problematic. Their shadow can’t move until the batter has made his move.

Other restrictions also apply for most variations of the game. However, some one-day matches also have some restrictions of their own. Specifically, they limit how many fielders can be put outside the 30-yard circle. The purpose of these restrictions is to prevent the use of ultra-defensive tactics. To bet live on great cricket matches, 1xBet is a great place to go.



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