5 Digital Businesses That Fetched Nairalanders The Most Money In 2017 



5 Digital Businesses That Fetched Nairalanders The Most Money In 2017 

The year 2017 was no doubt a memorable year for many nairalanders. 

There were many success stories and turnaround of fortunes of ordinary Nigerians via the information they got and applied. Quite a handful of such stories made it to the front page. The larger part of the success stories were either recounted in threads or sent to people who shared the opportunities they grasp. 

Take a look at two of such stories below that made it to the front page in the past and read through their enviable stories.

You will remember that I emphasized these businesses a lot last year. And, if there’s one thing you can guess, it’s that, for every single nairalander who share his/her success story, there are at least 10 others who have equally become successful. These people all got valuable knowledge about the opportunity to earn. However, that’s only one side of the coin. The other side is that they applied what they learned and stayed with it till it grew. The rule of the thumb on this subject is that for every single nairalander who shares a success story, there are at least 10 others who also became successful.

Now that you’re convinced that digital businesses are viable, let’s take a brief look at the businesses that will be successful in 2018. 

1. Mini-importation

Mini importation has been a viable source of passive income for many years now. It has successfully transformed many job seekers into entrepreneurs. The good side of this option is that it fits perfectly for a side hustle idea. There’s more demand for foreign products in Nigeria. Examples of such products are bags, jewelries, phones, laptops etc. In addition, it is stress free as you can import the products from the comfort of your bedroom, provided you have an internet connection.

2. Blogging

While a lot of people will often criticize those who go into blogging for the sake of money, we think the opinion is lame. Blogging is now a business. As common with all businesses, profit is key. Your idea of profit may vary but it will often share a common denominator which is to earn money. Besides, blogging requires all the qualities needed to run a typical business and if you do your home work well, you should soon start earning by monetizing your blog.

3. Freelancing

This list cannot be complete without freelancing. Many nairalanders are into freelancing and are making it big time! What is the secret of succeeding in freelancing? You need to have a skill. But to earn money online in 2018, you need to learn new skills aside writing because the supply is greater than demand, thereby making competition difficult. Once you have skills that are in demand, you will start earning steady income online. If you don’t have any idea about skills that are most lucrative, you need to watch out for my post where I will make a detailed list about them. 

4. Cryptocurrency 

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts liken the opportunity to blood money. You can make insane profit returns from your investment because the market is free from manipulations that is common with fiat money. However, what makes cryptocurrency profitable also makes it risky. All cryptocurrencies will not always be on green. Smart investors now diversify their portfolio such that if a coin is failing, another crypto investment is covering up for the loss. That way, they continually make profit or cut down their losses.



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