5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Partner

The first few months of a relationship are usually oxytocin-induced and this affects our ability to think and relate logically with our partners.

It is quite easy to turn an eye to potential red flags such as questionable behaviours, nagging and crazy requests simply because they make you laugh and help you achieve orgasms.

Despite the things you love about them, you however have some nagging suspicions regarding a few troubling tendencies. If you find your partner wanting you to do any of the following things or you’re the one doing them, you or them may just not be the one.

Do What You’re Not Comfortable With In The Bedroom
As an adult, you should know the things that turn you on and the ones that don’t. For example, if you’re a fan of having anal sex and your partner likes same, by all means engage in it.

But if he or she is into the whole BDSM thing and you find it painful but they insist on going on with it, it’s a red flag that your partner isn’t willing to give up their pleasure for you.

Tell Them To Cut off Their Friends or Family
If you’re always finding fault with the friends and family of your partner, or they’re doing same to you, chances are you’re trying to distance yourself from their family. People that do this are likely to get resentful of everything from the time their partners spend helping other people out to a simple night out with their coworkers.

Being jealous of the fact that the partner they replaced is richer than them is not cute and can be a warning of bad things to come.

Making Them Give Up All Their Privacy
Invading the privacy of your partner can be annoying and show that you want to exhibit some form of control over them.

A partner that hacks into your emails and phones doesn’t trust you and things may get physically abusive as time goes by.

Assuming that you’re doing so because you love your partner is wrong because you’re only showing them you want to control their lives.

Failing To Set Boundaries
Whether you’re allowing your partner buy expensive and extravagant things that you don’t have the money for or insisting that they participate in an activity that scares you, you’re doing yourself little good.

You should never force your partner to push boundaries that you feel strongly about. If they make it clear to you that they do not want to do a particular thing and you ignore them and the boundaries they set, you’re moving towards manipulation and coercion.

Change The Way You Look
It is very normal for you to want your partner to see you as a attractive woman but when they want you to alter or completely change your look to fit an idea of a woman they have in their minds, something is seriously wrong.

Your partner should not be the one to encourage you to go for elective surgery for aesthetic purposes. A partner that wants you to get boobs enlargement, bleaching or liposuction simply because they want you to look aesthetically pleasing should be avoided.



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