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What comes to most upcoming artists’ minds, is how to drive through the internet with their songs, but most of them have not ever thought of how and well to fix this mindset. Sometimes you don’t get the desired result from your songs, based on the sound and lyrics components and all.

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Are you aware that your music isn’t as bad as you think, there are things you need to put in place first when producing and structuring your song, and also considering how best to pave the way into the internet with the aid of music promotion. Here is the right way to improve your song and spark the internet as well as explore your ability to know the best Nigerian downloading and music promoting website.

  • Capture Good Ideas

You can’t just sit down and all the wordings would come right out, you need a trigger, an inspiration to create a magical song. Here’s what I mean by magic, the best ideas are gotten randomly. take it as a duty to write down any idea, hit word, or musical beat you would love your song to have.

  • Passion needs Talent 

Just because you’re passionate about it, doesn’t mean you should produce it. Yes! Passion is a stronghold in anything, especially music. But knowing your capabilities and strengths matter most, so take charge of your talent before letting your Passion drive you. For instance, you might be the best pop singer but you’re not good at jazz, then you try so hard to create that perfect jazz music. you wouldn’t produce that goal-getter doing something you don’t have the skills for.

So always make sure your talent and passion are in the same line. Knowing your talents would help you focus on your strengths, what’s working more, and your weakness, which pushes you to be your best.

  • Creative Writing

There wouldn’t be a good song without a write-up, so if you want to produce the best songs you have to be creative and structural and it starts from your writing. E.g using a strong hook, or catchy phrase to give your listeners something to remember and talk about.

Writer’s block is a thing so it’s fine if you can’t craft out the perfect lyrics in a sitting. Also, be aware that a lot of editing would be done to your write-ups before proceeding to the musical aspect. So producing that amazing song starts from your pen and ideas, so step away from your instrumentals and distractions when writing.

  • Time

Time is the most essential thing in one’s career, don’t be in a hurry to drop an album or a solo, just because you want to prove a point to your fans. Music takes the right amount of time to make it perfect, so if you want that perfect fast-rising song, you have to give it time carefully follow up the writing, editing, and promoting stages of your song before releasing it.

  • Know the Genre you’re Working in

In music, there are different genres. And every genre has its unique sound, technique, and methods. E.g hip hop focuses more on beats and rhymes, while pop focuses on simplicity and catchphrases.

There is rock, EDM, Jazz, and lots more, so when working on your song know/study the sound that goes well with it well. Also, you need a good blog to promote

  • Get Massive Online Music Promotion

There are several ways to get massive online music promotion, but we will be giving you the best few strategies. Firstly, write guest blog posts of your song and promote your music in your well-written author bio to the Best Nigerian Music and Entertainment Website. This is a platform where you get your songs promoted for massive internet trends and online awareness with hundreds of millions of monthly traffic. Imagine millions of music lovers downloading and streaming your songs and giving them a wider audience, as your song will also be promoted on the best streaming platform in Nigeria

Collaborations with other musicians and producers to create new music and promote each other’s work will give you massive online awareness… Remember that getting massive online music promotion requires consistent effort and patience. Keep promoting your music on Naijafinix and engage with your audience to build a loyal fan base.

Now that you have known how to make your music career better and learn the best ways to keep your songs promoted on our website, what are you waiting for?



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