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A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

How does a group of heavily armed men and women come into a community on foot, kill everyone they can find and leave?

How can they walk into a church in the early hours of the morning, kill worshipers and their priests and leave…yet the police and military with all their weapons, vehicles and helicopters never get to find them? How can this happen repeatedly, month after month, in different states of the federation and in all these various situations and times, no one has been caught and successfully prosecuted?

I cannot fathom in my head the kind of leaders we have. For some time now I haven’t been openly bothered about President Buhari, his governance style and policies. I never trusted that he was the kind of leader Nigeria needed so he hasn’t disappointed me. But I was very disturbed when I read in the news that he said it was unfair for Nigerians to say he was silent over the killings.

A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

Buhari said people were blaming him for not talking to the herdsmen probably because he looked like them. My fellow Nigerians, how does that make any atom of sense? Terrorists kill hundreds of people and Buhari is talking about the trivia of ‘talking to them’ and the similarity of their looks? This is the height of incompetent and insensitivity.

As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, with the military might of the entire country in his palm, President Buhari cries out emotionally that people are accusing him of not talking to the gruesome murderers of his citizens. Who is asking him to talk bikonu? Why has he not declared this group a terrorist group? How are people so blinded as to see these killings as mere communal clashes? It is so visible; even to die hard Buharists who can see nothing wrong with the man nor his government that he lacks the will power to secure the lives of Nigerians, majority of whom voted him into power again.

Be that as it may, my greater worry is not with Buhari. The fact of life is that evil and good almost always co-exist. In some sense they make each other appreciable. If Buhari is not willing to act, must everyone else just sit and watch? Must the checks and balances that democracy offers become bull dog without a tooth? My greater worry is with the government of some of these affected states and their legislators. I am worried because they keep sacrificing the truth and the courage to speak the truth for their political interest. You want to win elections and continue to steal and be in the good books of the man on top so you play politics with the life of your people. It is just wickedness and not a game my brothers.

A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

Lastly, I worry for myself and other common Nigerians; how the news of the repeated killings rather than evoke in us an unquenchable and revolutionary anger, appears to numb us. With every successive gruesome killing, fewer general cries are heard, few condemnations. Unless it is a big kill, you almost don’t hear of it, while in some other climes, the murder of one is seem as an unforgivable affront to the nation. Reacting to the recent killings, the falling economic indices and how nonchalant people appear, someone recently asked me: ‘is it that we are dumb as a nation? Some people don’t care that people die. They just support Buhari. When he is challenged to rise and act, they rise instead to defend him. I urge those people to look beyond the political or religious interest and think of Nigeria for once. Don’t just keep supporting something that is bad because the offender is your person.

Think of Nigeria. Think of the pain of the dying and the anguish of the living. Think of Nigeria. Maybe if the president hears from his own brothers that he is not doing well he would understand that many people voted him not because of his religion and in the same way it is not because of religion that many people and now displeased with him.

I am trying hard not to make a prayer in this post, religious though I am, because we have come to a stage where we have to pause the prayer and begin to act. We pray and pray and do nothing and passively accept whatever garbage is thrown at us. Notwithstanding, I still cannot understand while today should be publish holiday, was Abiola the only falling Hero of our time and race, this is a question that still beat my imagination but yet I let it to rest at its own corner.

A Weeping Nation Clamoring For Peace & Unity, What Have We Done??? Written By; Akaekpuchionwa

We need a revolution!!! And it has to start at the grass root. Asides voting out incompetent and useless leaders in the coming election of 2023, there should be workable platforms to remove already elected ones who make a mockery of the trust and confidence people reposed on them.

In the end, may God bless Nigeria and Grant us consolation to stand firm and protect lives and properties. Get set and begin now to look forward for a better appointments come in the next general Election, I presume that the past one was one of the local leagues that is been played in other to entertain the world. I am still one of your own speaking from a personal prospective.

Enjoy your holidays and wishing you all the very best in life.


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    Mr finix, you are just working tirelessly, am always joyous when ever I see post of such…Keep the faith, you will surely get there…

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