ADVICE:- Do You Know That Pastors Are Human Too??? 



ADVICE:- Do You Know That Pastors Are Human Too??? 

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A pastor stood up to teach in our church service. The first thing he asked the church to do was to go and ask someone “How was your day?”. Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each other’s back. Some even hugged themselves!

I smiled as I saw it all. Guess what? No one came to the Pastor to ask him that simple question, ‘How was your day?’. Yet! he was tired and it had been a really hard day for him.

• Pastors and Medical doctors may have something in common. People believe they are fine as long as they are breathing!

• You are quick to ask your Pastor, “Are you praying for me?” But have you ever told him “I am praying for you sir”.

• You know how to accuse the Pastor of not visiting you but

have you ever stopped by, to check on him and his family to say hello?

• You tell the Pastor that you are going on vacation but have you ever wondered when last he had a break. All because of the flock?

• Your Pastor smiles at you telling you, “It is well with you”, when at times, it is a prophecy for himself. He is also believing God for his.

• A pastor can officiate a wedding or naming ceremony just after consoling a bereaved family. Can you imagine that emotional switch- yet he must be stable as a Pastor.

• Your pastor is human too! Trust me, there are days he did not feel like coming to church due to illness, discouragement, lack, tiredness etc but he still did! Some of the lovely suits cover the pains.

• I have seen pastors quit because of depression- true!. Everyone knows how to fault a Pastor but not many know he has pains of his own.

• Everyone knows how to judge a Pastor’s action thinking he is an angel but not everyone wants him to discipline them even if its part of his job!

• You hold your Pastor down for hours by the reason of counseling and prayers not minding that his family needs his attention too. Yet, he must try to satisfy you.

• Some put on expensive Italian suits or designer’s suits while their Pastor’s suit is folding at the back, yet he keeps on wearing it to church 4 weeks in a month because clothing should not be an excuse for not discharging his duty.

• You put on Italian shoes and your Pastor’s shoe is laughing because of wear and tear!

• You can put a smile on your pastor’s face. Appreciate your Pastor.

• Buy gifts for your pastor and his family too, do you even know if he has food to eat after preaching to you?

• Send words and messages of love and encouragement to him, it may be the last thing he needs now.

• Seriously, when last did you call your Pastor just to wish him well and ask how he is and his family? Distance is not a barrier!!!

• Remember, he has the onerous job of watching over your spiritual well being. The happier and more stable he is, the better he will discharge his duties over your life.

• Help your Pastor to succeed and experience comfort, not the other way round!!!

• I have simply told you what some Pastors may never tell you because of their integrity! They will never beg and they are not supposed to. God forbid!!!

Feel free to share.

God bless our Pastors!!!




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