An Inspiring Write Up, The Sexual Fast!!! By:- Amina Wayas



An Inspiring Write Up, The Sexual Fast!!! By:- Amina Wayas
Daughter: (Coughs out) Hmmm…
Mum: (looks up at her, then continues picking her beans) Any gist for momma?
Daughter:( Looks at her) Mum, I think I am not normal anymore…like, I am sick
Mum: (Chuckles)  Sick?? Why?
Daughter: Because I am over-sensitive. Whenever I see a guy, I have this weird feeling compared to when I meet a girl. Mum, I get worried often times if I would scale through adolescence without defiling myself
Mum: (Laughs) you are afraid?
Daughter: It seems you don’t understand mum. When I see a guy’s bicep, oh my God! If he mistakenly exposes his abs, then I would almost faint, feeling as if I should run into his strong, muscular arms and be cuddled.
Mum: And so? That’s why you are not normal?
Daughter: (Eyes widen) Mum!
Mum: That shows that you are very normal my baby girl
Daughter: I don’t understand mum
Mum: You fasted recently right?
Daughter: Yes mum. A three-day dry fast
Mum: There was  an occasion that I made plantain and fried egg for dinner for the family. How did you feel that day?
Daughter: Mum, it was sensational! As if I had never tasted plantain . I wanted a bite so bad.
Mum: So, why didn’t you get into the kitchen to get yourself some?
Daughter: Mum, I was fasting
Mum: Nice one! Son, can you hear us from there? Put off the TV please.
Son: Ok mum.
Mum: As an adolescent boy or girl, don’t think it weird when you are attracted to the opposite sex. His or her stature or the like might appeal to you but it shows that you are  normal. You wouldn’t say, you are abnormal because you can perceive the aroma of fried plantain while you were fasting. Would you?
Both: No mum
Mum: All unmarried people in this world are on a sexual fast until they get married. Different food like juices, fried fish, chicken; Shawarma and the likes would appeal to them clothed in handsome men and beautiful women of different shapes and sizes but you’ve got to block your perception! You are fasting!
Daughter: (nods repeatedly) Hmmm…I am getting it now
Mum: The aroma could be pornography, sexy boys and girls, devilish games and all but be warned, you are what?
Both: Fasting!
Mum: So my daughter, you are normal. It means all the parts of your body are responding well but the Bible says you should keep your body under control.
Daughter: Mum, I can’t thank you enough. I expected you to scream at me , frown your face but You are trustworthy and I can count on you. And that is why mum is our… (Signals to the boy)
Son: Confidant! (Both laugh)
Mum: (Smiles) Blessed children…very very blessed!
Both: most blessed mother
Mum: But never forget the lesson learnt today…(expects an answer)
Both: We are fasting!
Mum: Yes. The fast would soon be over and your dish of dodo, freshly prepared with well garnished fried egg with a chill bottle of wine would be delivered to you but first, wait! Say, I will wait
Both: I will wait!

Mum: And the Lord will bless you.

Both: Amen (They hug their mother and she blesses them both)

Keep Sharing until it gets to every eye and the Lord will bless you real good.

Let’s be such a parent to our blessed children



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