Atiku Abubakar Launches World’s First Emoji Manifesto To Target Youth Voters



The campaign of Nigerian presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar today launched the world’s first ‘emojified’ manifesto in a new effort to attract youth voters.
Drawn from the previously published Atiku Plan, the #AtikuPlanForYOUth brings to life the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate’s promises to Nigeria’s 130 million under-30s.

an increasingly noisy debate, the Atiku campaign said the aim was to
cut through the rhetoric to help youth voters understand more about the
issues that matter most to them.

The novel manifesto ‘emojifies’
40 pledges from #TheAtikuPlan across the key areas of government,
education, jobs, human capital, economy, business, and sport and

Highlights include pledges that Atiku will:

slowing economy and failing education system have driven youth
unemployment to record highs – reaching 38% in the second quarter of
2018. Only 50% of children finish primary school with many of them
unable to go to secondary school, resulting in seven million young
people each year entering a struggling labour market with few if any
relevant skills.

The #AtikuPlanForYOUth is aimed at Nigerians
youths looking for major new investment in job creation, apprenticeships
and vocational training.

Campaign spokesman Osita Chidoka said:
“The #AtikuPlanForYOUth is our way of speaking directly to young people
with a positive message of hope for their lives and careers. Our youth
have been badly let down during four years of neglect by the Buhari
government, which has left them without adequate preparation or
opportunities in the modern economy.

“By condensing #TheAtikuPlan
into a set of youth-focused promises, we’re cutting through the noise
to tell young people clearly and simply why Atiku is the only bridge to
the brighter future they deserve.”

The #AtikuPlanForYOUth
was created and launched by @WeVoteAtiku – part of the official PDP
election campaign. With Election Day on Saturday, February 16, the
campaign is entering its final phase to rally voters behind its
pro-business message.

Mr Chidoka continued: “Our young people are
our most precious asset today, and our message to them is clear: Act
now. Take your future into your hands. Come out and vote for Atiku on
February 16th.”



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