Bank “Miraculously” Credited Zimbabwean Student’s Account With N19.4M, This Happened



Bank “Miraculously” Credited Zimbabwean Student’s Account With N19.4M, This Happened

A final year student nurse at Gweru hospital is languishing in remand prison after squandering $54 000 “miraculously” deposited into his CABS Bank account last year.

Twenty Four year old Kelvin Kutadza of Mkoba 19 in Gweru was on Friday remanded in custody to Monday for sentencing after pleading guilty to 54 counts of fraud totalling $54 052.34 .

According to the court, sometime in July last year, CABS Bank erroneously deposited the money into Kutadza’s bank account following a system failure, money which Kutadza went on to squander by making various transfers into his mobile phone account and into his MBCA Bank Account.

Kutadza went on to buy a house in Mkoba 19 for $32 000 and two cars worth $10 500 using part of the money. $2 300 was recovered when the bank realised the mistake last week leading to his arrest.

In his defence, Kutadza confessed to being a highly devoted Christian and believed that the money was miracle money which he had been promised in church.

“When I saw the money in my account, I honestly believed that my prayers for miracle money had been answered that is why I used the money,” Kutadza told the court.

He pleaded with the court to forgive him and allow him to finish his training as a nurse where he is due to graduate on the 5th of May. He pleaded that he was going to dispose the house and cars to pay back the money to the bank.

The bank is also reportedly investigating two other people who benefited from the error and swindled the financial institution of over $200 000. The bank has since dismissed thirteen of its information technology staff members over the system technical failures.




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