Bayelsa Diagnostic Center At Imgbi Yenogoa State, Nigeria (Photos) 



Bayelsa Diagnostic Center At Imgbi, Yenogoa (Photos) 
This is Bayelsa Diagnostic Center located at Imgbi road, Yenogoa.

The Diagnostic center is of a world class standard and first of its kind in Nigeria.

The Diagnostic is adoned with a magnificent building, spacious car park and serene environment. 

The Diagnostic center offers diagnostic services which include 

1. Pathology (Haematology, Clinical chemistry, immunology, Endocrinology, microbiology/Parasitology, Histopathology/Cytology, Molecular microbiology and DNA testing). 

2. Wellness (Health check plans, Wellness plans, Pre employment screening, food handler’s screening, cancer screening, domestic staff screening and preventing screening)

3. Radiology (MRI- 1.5 Tesla, CT Scan – 160 slice, Digital X-ray, 4D – Sonography, Mammography, Color Doppler, Special Radiological and procedures)

4. Endoscopy (Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, practosigmoidoscopy)

5. Cardiology (ECG PAED/ADULT, ECHO PAED/ADULT, Stress Test/TMT and Spirometry)

The Diagnostic center has a lot of world class equipments such as;

1. Bionic medical microbiology machine, which is used for automated bacteria identification and sensitivity. It is the only machine in the entire country.

2. Minicap Serbia electrophoresis machine.

This world class machine is used for haemoglobin pontification and treatment guideline in sickle cell anaemic patients.

This is the only equipment in the entire SouthSouth geopolitical zone.

3. Automatic Tissue Processor machine:

This fully automated machine is used for processing tissues and specimen especially for autopsy and biosis.

This machine is one of its kind in the entire country

4. Immunisation machine

5. Embedding machine for automated embedding of tissues.

6. Sectioning machine or microtome, used for sectioning of tissues

7. Electron microscope (automated), this automated machine is used for real time microscopic investigation

8. Fully automated hormonal sample machine

9. Stress ECG and Rest ECG machines 

10. 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. 

This world class is the only one in the entire SouthSouth geopolitical zone.

11. Endoscopy

This world class medical facility is one of its kind in the entire country and will make Bayelsa state a medical hub in the entire Nigeria and West Africa subcontinent. 



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