BBNaija 2018:- Housemates Now Hating




Nina: generally annoying
Leo: always shouting about his ambitions
Khloe: an ass/troublemaker
Cee: bully when it comes to food
Dee1: irresponsible, looks unkempt
Rico: playing it safe
Princess: really annoying
Anto: kissed 2boys in one night
Bambam: did not act bright about snitched
KB: acts reckless when drunk
Vandora: giving mixed signals
Alex: does not listen to others
Miracle: too quiet, helping Nina out too much
Teddy: farts too much
Angel: a demon, nobdy can use loo afta
Ahneeka: indecisive
Ifu: Aggressive
Lolu: dicey

What Nina dislikes about HMs
Khloe, CeeC, Bambam: Annoying
Princess: talks like she owns the ground.
Rico: does not dislike anything about him.
Leo: too serious
KB: quick to anger
Vandora: ?!??
Miracle: TBD
Teddy: does not understand the way he talks
Alex: too playful

What Khloe dislikes about HMs:
Tobi: not sure if he likes her
Nina: Shave all her hair off
Leo: pretending, playing it safe
CeeC: scary eyes
KB: annoying, pushes her too much
Rico: playing it too safe
Princess: american accent?!?
Vandora: two faced, not being real
Ifu: her body is annoying her, too flexible.
Ahneeka: confusing the men.
Lolu: picks on her.


Khloe: too vocal
Nina: inferiority complex
Dee1: faking being emotionless
Rico: feels weak around him
Princess: very judgemental
Anto: inconsistent
KB: lacks self control
Vandora: scripted, not being real
Alex: lacks boundaries
Miracle: weak man basically, will not criticize Nina for her.
Teddy: ?!??
Angel: intimidates her with his intelligence.
Bitto: faking it.
Lolu: gossips alot.
Ifu: dint care about anything.
Ahneeka: holding back alot.


Tobi: not flexible
Nina: annoying voice
Khloe: does not make sense
Cee C: does not like women
Dee1: Unserious
Rico: playing it too safe
Princess: feels larger than the rest
Anto: a player
Bambam: overly flirtatious
K-Brule: a party pooper
Vandora:showing true colors
Alex: low attention span
Miracle: too quiet. Who returns battery on two bars?!?
Teddy: dropping too many singles. Making us uncomfortable.
Angel: too rigid
Bitto: too dramatic
Lolu: moody
Ifu: insensitive
Ahneeka: might have a boyfriend. Too cunning


Tobi: HoH will not save you for long. Flaunting muscle in their faces.
Nina: takes things too personal
Leo: does not fit because too successful already
Khloe: biggest low self esteem issues in the house. Defensive!
Princess: drags fights on as part of strategy.
Anto: Wicked, bottles things up.
Bambam: too conscious of religious standing
KB: needs to grow up
Vandora: true colors will show..
Alex: too emotional
Miracle: too quiet, mouth odor?!?
Teddy: messes too much.
Angel: aggressive. Too uptight
Bitto: playing a game in this house. Cry baby! Pretending to have mental problems.
Lolu: tricky!
Ifu: taxing exercises, slow down.
Ahneeka: refused his advances.


Tobi: stuck on CeeC
Nina: emotionally immature
Leo: sometimes shady! Choose betwen Khloe or Alex.
Khloe: lashes out all the time. Should pipe down.
CeeC: show other bros love too.
Dee1: harsh jokes!
Princess: feels nothing for her
Anto: only American in the house. Did not think through the KB kiss situation.
Bambam: not nice to him.
KB: he needs self control, keeps grudges.
Vandora: two faced.
Alex: takes things too personally.
Miracle: vain guy
Teddy: messes!!!
Teddy: take better care of Bambam, he is hurtin her feelings.
Angel: too aggressive.
Bitto: big baby, should be real.
Lolu: very shady, hiding alot.
Ifu: too aggressive, should act lady like.
Ahneeka: always push him side, opinionated.


Nina: low selfesteem
Leo: too serious.
Khloe: too competitive
CeeC: rude
Dee1: snitch
Rico: floating through the game
Anto: too quiet
Bambam: pick a struggle, two faced.
KB: man-up!
Vandora: superficial.
Alex: too unserious
Miracle: Narcissistic


Nina: too slow
Leo: sleeps too much
Khloe: troublemaker
CeeC: princess complex
Dee1: too much jokes
Rico: playing it safe
Bambam: be yourself
KB: overly emotional
Vandora: does not lyk her raspy voice
Alex: likes to give it but cannot take it
What Anto dislikes about HMs:
Tobi: wants to be liked by everyone
Teddy: Stick to your girlfriend, dobt lead Bambam on.
Bitto: Exaggerates
Lolu: cannot listen
Ifu: irritating, abit fake
Ahneeka: cannot figure her out


Tobi: snitched on her!
Nina: overwhelmed by the energies of the ladies in the house.
Leo: not clicked with her, allergic to criticism.
CeeC: isolated herself from everybody else
Dee1: hiding behind his jokes
Rico: hiding behind sweetness
Princess: too self conscious, exaggerates things.
Anto: bottles things up.
KB: too insecure and sensitive.
Vandora: giving people superficial impressions.
Alex: gave her dress then later acted like she regretted doing it
Miracle: QUIET!
Teddy: Mutual respect is lacking, belittles her.
Angel: lodges himself on people/ Ahneeka basically.
Bitto: too dramatic, putting up a show, snakey.
Lolu: inconsistent and manipulative
Ifu: aggressive, not selfless
Ahneeka: not being real


Tobi: too high standards for himself
Nina: playing dumb
Leo: sleeps too much
Khloe: impatient
CeeC: let everybody in
Dee1: hiding behind comedy
Rico: hiding emotions
Princess: silly on purpose
Anto: talk more
Bambam: free herself
Lolu: anger issues
Ahneeka: Boyfriend?!??

What Alex dislikes about HMs:
Tobi: his love for CeeC clouding his judgement.
Nina: lazy, should open up to people.
Leo: makes her feel emotionally at risk in the house.
Khloe: very annoying, she could hit her.
CeeC: RUDE! and too possessive
Dee1: Unserious, too much comedy.
Rico: could be playing up to the cameras with his life stories.
Princess: dint like her from day1. insensitive.
Anto: has anger issues bottled up.
Bambam: scared for bambam, too sexual
Teddy: Bambam is at risk around him. Bambam could be falling for him. Playing with her emotions.
Angel: Always arguing with her, TOO BOSSY
Bitto: Did not like him even before they enter plane to come to the house. too much cleaning and starting to complain about it, fat shames himself.
Lolu: smart but has anger issues.
Ifu: mean and does not care.
Ahneeka: too strategic…

[/b]Tobi: Too Emotional
Nina: Takes things too personally.
Leo: Did not trust him at first.
Khloe: aggressive
CeeC: aggressive as well.
Dee1: insults people covertly using jokes
Rico: has attitude issues against him
Princess: picks on Nina
Princess: also too loud in the kitchen.
Anto: sometimes aggressive.
Bambam: always wanting to carry first.
KB: misbehaving when high, jealous about Anto.
Vandora: displaying behavior that makes no sense
Alex: cuts conversations
Teddy: not bonded/clicked, snobbish, total snob
Angel: too bossy, showing off intellect
Bitto: scripted
Lolu: condescending
Ifu: was ignoring everybody till nominations now being friendly
Ahneeka: takes jokes too personal


Tobi: As HOH, lets too much slide. Letting the alpha-males down.
Nina: Snobbed him at the airport, feeling like the finest girl but is not. super glued with miracle.
Leo: hyping his success, sleeps too much,
Khloe: short people complex
CeeC: Bossy, Head bitch in charge, super glued to Tobi
Dee1: too much jokes at people’s expense
Rico: too much goody-2-shoes
Princess: needs to drop the attitude
Anto: too quiet. needs to be more open, analysing things alot.
Bambam: Not used to men like him.
KB: emotional, man-up
Vandora: worries too much about the boyfriend, too much flirting
Alex: does not believe in herself
Miracle: Vain, shy guy, free Nina abit.
Angel: too serious, intimidates other people.
Bitto: cry baby, pretending to be meek, be real.
Lolu: very sneaky.
Ifu: came across snobbish, after nomination playing nice.
Ahneeka: guard is up.


Khloe: The world does not revolve around you
CeeC: Vain, Mean face, Rude
Dee1: take it easy on the jokes
Rico: playing it safe
Princess: snobbish at times
Anto: feel free to express yourself
Bambam: forced sexy voice, judgemental
Tobi: Biggy skipped
Nina: Biggy skipped
Leo: Biggy skipped
KB: Needs man-up
Vandora: needs to come out of her shell
Alex: needs to apply filters, too opinionated
Miracle: not bonded, hiding his intelligence
Teddy: complimented not criticized
Angel: too forceful, needs to be right all the time
Bitto: Too dramatic
Lolu: has a temper, gossips
Ahneeka: could be cunning, not showing real self


Tobi: Samson’s syndrome, has let Delilah makes him weak
Nina: slow to learn
Leo: wants to accomodate everybody
Khloe: scared of intelligence
CeeC: Is Delilah, does not mix with the women
Dee1: Hiding behind comedy
Rico: too much kitchen
Princess: too confrontational
Anto: closed encyclopedia
Bambam: needs to take a breather from Teddy
KB: does not love himself
Vandora: keep it real
Alex: needs to grow, drop the tomboy thing
Miracle: blank canvas, shallow in some topics
Teddy: An alpha-male who is not a gentleman
Angel: needs to take one step at a time
Lolu: superiority attitudes, believes own hype


Tobi: Not Siamese twins, detach from CeeC.
Nina: needs confidence.
Leo: comes across as anti social!
Khloe: stark raving mad!needs to be quieter
CeeC: world does not revolve around your bum, detach from Tobi, rude and uncouth
Dee1: grossly insensitive, find a balance between being funny and stupid.
Rico: playing mr. nice guy
Princess: exaggerates too much. would be more attractive if she was calmer.
Anto: closed up
Bambam: low confidence, more umph needed
K-Brule: Unaware of his amazingness, not confident
Vandora: needs to be more open to the boys, forget the boyfriend for now
Alex: too nice, too emotional, low attention span
Miracle: inconspicuous, needs to make his presence known
Teddy: imposing the alpha-male on everybody
Angel: hogs attention, stand offish
Bitto: too dramatic
Ifu: down playing her personality, needs to come out of her shell
Ahneeka: sleeps too much, too guarded


Tobi: takes too long to mingle with others, needs to mix more
Biggy skipped Nina. Leo, Khloe, CeeC and Dee1
Rico: take the game too seriously
Princess: complains too much
Anto: needs to open up to people
Bambam: isolating him because of Teddy.
KB: low self esteem
Vandora: says stupid things
Alex: likes to be blunt but cannot receive bluntness back
Miracle: has sold his balls, playing it safe
Teddy: Accused him of rooster blocking, he should allow Bambam mix with the boys
Bitto: too much strategy, game play
Ifu: Was closed off
Lolu: has temper problems/ short fuse.
Ahneeka: Has met her in lagos, does not believe anything he says. the version she is playing here is not real. needs to open up abit.


Tobi: Too attached to CeeC.
Nina: bad eyebrows.
Leo: analysing game too much.
Teddy: Feels too fresh, expects people to approach him for conversations, abusing the girls’s attention.
Khloe: too volatile.
CeeC: aloof, nonchalant
Dee1: acts like he did her a favor by rejecting her.
Rico: makes her look like a bad person.
Princess: acting like queen Bee.
Anto: very sneaky!
Bambam: walks on egg shells around others
KB: bad attitude, becoming less attractive
Vandora: acting snobbish around her
Alex: gives too much info, babyish
Miracle: embarrassing Nina, but wants to cuddle after
Bitto: pity parties,
Ifu: always giving shout outs, needs to tone it down
Lolu: condescending
Angel: will not date him for nothing




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