BBNaija 2020:- BBNaija Day 10 Break Down

BBNaija 2020:- BBNaija Day 10 Break Down

Day 10: Diaries about disasters

The Diary Room Session had the Housemates dishing out the drama.

After the wahala yesterday and all the tears and apologies that followed it, there was no doubt that the next Diary Room Session would be lit. We all know that when doors are closed and people feel safe, they say things they never could in public. Today’s Diary Room Session on Big Brother Naija proved that fact again. Here’s a quick round-up of who said what.


After being at the centre of all the drama, Biggie made an inspired choice getting Ka3na in the Diary Room first. Once she was on the chair chatting she couldn’t help but mention the biggest argument we have seen in the house so far. Ka3na said that she felt better after the Yoga and tears session and believes that Lucy, and she were a lot alike. The Boss Lady told Biggie that she needs to not let her feelings out, and hoped to learn tolerance because she and her fellow Housemates will never be the same. 


The honesty of this  Housemate is a beautiful thing to watch in action. When Biggie had his one on one with Ozo,  he was straight to the point about his feeling saying, “Today was better than yesterday.” He didn’t mince his words about Ka3na’s rude comments to Dorathy, saying she didn’t deserve to be treated in that manner. The only time the level-headed Ozo seemed flustered was when the discussion turned to the subject of Nengi. Ozo let it be known that if he had to choose between finding love and winning Big Brother, he would be a lonely winner.


This was the most unapologetic Diary Room Session of the evening. When quizzed about the battle of the bosses with Ka3na, Tolanibaj let it be known that she can’t be intimidated and if you want to earn her respect, you have to give her respect. She also mentioned that after praying and putting on her makeup, her soul was in a much better place.


After being very vocal during the fight, it was no surprise that Praise had a lot to say to Biggie in private. During his Diary Room Session Praise said the whole fight started because of differences on how Ka3na does things and now he is getting used to her and understanding why she does what she does. He closed off his conversation with Biggie by telling him that winning or losing were all his hands and all he could do is take Big Brother one day at a time.


When it came time for Wathoni to share her feelings on the new Head of House, she had a lot to tell Biggie. During her Diary Room Session Wathoni shared that she didn’t have any issues with Lucy besides finding her to be strict. She let Biggie in on her need to learn to coexist with her other Housemates and learn the art ignoring certain people.


The usually reserved Tochi shared with Biggie that he was feeling uneasy because the energy in the House was shifting from positivity to negativity. He also mentioned that he feels Ka3na, Lucy, and Kaisha, “Just want to attack and don’t want to hear your side of the story.” In his closing statement Tochi mentioned how now that Lucy is Head of House she has a tendency of sharing ideas before she thinks them through. 

Ther truths shared during this Diary Room Session made it the best one so far. No telling if it will take more fights or more honesty to make the Housemates open up about all the other feelings they choose to keep bottled up inside.

Day 10: Practice makes Housemates perfect

While preparing for their Task the Housemates went the extra mile in their practice. The guys showed off how much practice they have being ladies, and judging by the results, they know too much!

Day 10: Not listening leads to losing

Once again the Big Brother Housemates turned an opportunity to shine into a loss.

It became obvious how much of a difference a leader can make in Biggie’s House today. Another opportunity for the Housemates to turn a Task into a win for their team, and neither the grey nor black team could seize it.

The trouble started this afternoon when Head of House Lucy had been given the information for the Task to be played.  As she read it aloud, with each passing sentence the Housemates confusion about what was required grew. The Housemates were so bewildered with her attempt to explain, that the Deputy Head of House, Prince had to repeat reading the Task’s instructions to everyone. The Tasks’ core focus was on organisation without communication. Each team had to arrange themselves as quickly as possible according to the round’s requirements, without saying a word or signalling. The topics for the four rounds they played, for which the teams had to arrange themselves were, 1) Birthdays 2) Shoe Size 3) Age 4) States of origin.

Even though the rules stated that there should be no talking and signalling whatsoever, the Housemates failed to listen to this instruction and had to be reminded and reprimanded by Biggie after the first round. After the warning, the communication did become nonverbal, but sadly it was too late. Even though they understood, there were still moments where the need to use words became too great to overcome, and the Housemate’s broke the game’s most sacred law. 

Upon completing the Task, the Housemates all sat in the living room awaiting Biggie’s verdict on a winner. Bigge decreed that since both the grey and black teams had broken the rules of the Task, they both failed and there was no winner. Their punishment for the glorious loss was that both teams would have to clean the House on alternating days making sure it is sparkling and spotless when done. 

If the Housemates can’t work together in silence and struggle to get along when they can speak, maybe communication isn’t the only issue needing to be resolved in Big Brother Naija? 

Day 10: Ships – sailing or failing?

Love may come at first sight but how far will cupid go to make the Lockdown ships sail? Let’s briefly examine the ships that have either failed or are still sailing.

It happens all the time that moment when life imitates art and two BB Naija Housemates start a romance in the game. Some ships start on pretty shakey ground and end up sailing strong while some start easy and may not have a great chance at survival because playing love in a House full of cameras, while still having reality at the back of your mind will leave you having your emotions all over the place.

We decided to hear your thoughts on these ships:

The on and off couple

Lilo and Eric clicked so well at the beginning that we almost started believing in love at first sight… until they had a mini break up last night and the love scales fell of our eyes. Or did it? The truth is in the Lockdown House, you will hardly find Lilo without Eric and vice versa, which is why after telling Biggie she was going to stop sharing her bed space with him in other to cut off the times spent together, many eyebrows were raised. ‘He’s a distraction,” she further affirmed. After this chat with Biggie, Lilo proceeded to talk to Eric about focusing on the game rather than investing so much time in their ship. Just as the LEric shippers were mourning the ship that was, we caught the couple in each other’s arms, kissing under the duvet.

Neo and Vee

When you call the ‘fall in love at first sight’ gang, this couple top the list. Although we’re not sure of their ship’s name, we’re pretty sure these two have the hots for each other. We’ve watched them closely and we can’t but admire how nice it is when they compliment each other on their looks and it’s also nice to see Neo confess his feelings to her (especially after claiming he woke up and found himself in the entanglement).

Last night, their ship faced a bit of turbulence when we overheard Vee telling Lilo that if Neo cannot come tell her what’s wrong and will rather give her an attitude, then she’ll remove herself from the equation. “He’s not my boyfriend anyway,” she said. However, waking up this morning to see them all cuddled up and looking cute gave their shippers all the reassurance they need.

What are we?

It almost seems as though the word entanglement was made for these Housemates – Ozo, Dorathy, Nengi and Prince.

One moment, BB Naija fans were happily naming Ozo and Nengi – Ozone, the next minute we see Prince in the mix and what seems like more than a friendship between Ozo and Dorathy. Were you confused reading this last statement? Well, that’s how confused we are about this situation as well. Are you in a ship or nah OzoNe?

Dorathy and Ozo have an effortless connection when they are together which always features smiles, loud laughs and great gist and even though they claim to be just friends, we wondered if there was more to this especially when Dorathy plainly told Ozo she wasn’t comfortable being seen as his side chick while he was getting booed up with Nengi. Not until when Ozo cleared the air on Sunday and told us this was just a situation of his friendship with Dorathy and his attraction for Nengi being caught in a mix up.

We will rather not spend so much time trying to detangle this entanglement, so we’ll leave you guys with these questions. Why is Prince suddenly a threat to the OzoNe ship? Where does this leave Dorathy? Guess we have an answer.

Picture perfect romance

Asides from the reassuring kiss he gave her and a couple of cuddling moments, forehead kissed and bed sharing sessions together, what else makes Erica and Kiddwaya a sailing ship in Biggie’s House.

Well, we guess all the points above count as reasons why this couple should keep sailing right? But what happens to those times when Kiddwaya told Wathoni that they look cute together, or the time Erica said she sees Kiddwaya as a player? Does this mean the cupid has a lot more work to do or the shippers should just give them some time?

Where does your favourite Lockdown couple stand?

Day 10: “Whatever happens, happens,” Ozo

Nengi and Ozo are asking about each other and talking about each other constantly. What is it going to take for them to realise they need to stop wondering what if and just launch their ‘ship?

Day 10: A ‘ship is ready to launch

Erica and Kiddwaya spent time getting to know each other and learning how deep their connection goes. It looks like these two are getting closer to being one.

Day 10: Chilled vibes and renewed ships

Except the uncertainty that still holds Ozo and Nengi’s ship, it seems like love took over the Lockdown House as the Housemates made pancakes with love; the sinking ships mended their relationships/situationships and new friendships thrived.

Day 10: Lockdown experiences and lessons

The Lockdown Housemates talk to Biggie about their isolation experiences and the biggest lessons they took away from that experience.

Day 10: When the Diary Room gets dirty

Biggie’s sat the Housemates down to check where their heads are at. Fight, possible love triangles, and the truths that smiles and politeness hide behind were the order of the day. Just another great Diary Room Session on Big Brother Naija.

Day 10: The terrible Task

After being given another chance to impress Biggie and show they are finally listening to each other and working together, the Housemates failed. Lack of communication and over communication can both lead to a loss in Big Brother Naija.

Day 10: Creepiest lies ever told

Everyone has told a lie at some point in their life, but perhaps not one quite as hilarious as the ones told by your Lockdown faves.

While honesty is always the best policy, sometimes the urge to lie ends up getting the best of us. Whether you’re caught fibbing about your age or lying about getting a sexually transmitted disease, lies come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone knows that feeling when you just have something you need to get off your chest which can be such a huge burden if it’s not being lifted.

Except Lucy and Brighto who probably have or (haven’t) told so many lies that they can’t seem to remember any, these Housemates have been caught in a web lie and with some, the web just got too small to hold their lies.

We asked the Lockdown Housemates to tell us the weirdest lies they told before being locked down and here are the hilarious fibs we heard:

The cryptic birth story

Being given birth to in an airplane is probably what Kiasha dreamt of while growing up and while it’s something we’ve all read in a book or watched in a movie, this Lockdown Housemate thought it would be cool to have this lie in her autobiography.

Virgins or nah?

What happens when a lie doesn’t get you the attention you want? Well, that’s one question for Eric after lying to be a virgin to win him some points in getting a girl fall for him… but it did not work. As for Tochi, lying about his status was just something he did for fun, or so we think.

What’s that buzz?

Dorathy was once caught with a vibrator and in order to lie her way out of it, she lied to her sister that it was a face massage tool. Now, how did that conversation go Dorathy?

What’s your status?

While sharing your HIV-positive status with your sexual partner can be a difficult decision to make, Erica thought lying about it would even be funnier. It didn’t just end there, she said she did that to make him scared and extra worried and she achieved just that. What crime could the poor boy have committed to deserve that?

Love is always in the air… literally

When his ex-girl once asked where he was, Kiddwaya lied that he was home when in fact, he was on his way to catch a flight to see her that day. Some lies just don’t sound like lies especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Royal lies

Tolanibaj must have spent a lot of time watching Cinderella, the princess and the frog and frozen for her to have lied while in still living in America that she was a queen who lived in a palace in Nigeria.

Love, sex and more lies

Saying “I love you” while having a sexual or intimate moment with someone seems like a sacred thing to do… or maybe not, seeing that Ka3na conveniently once told this lie. Things we do for love?

For Laycon lying that he prematurely ejaculated in his pants may have caused him his reputation but it sure achieved his purpose of not getting intimate with her.

For some weird reason, Trikytee once lied to anyone that cared to listen that he was born in the United States of America and on this same table of weird lies, Nengi lied to her classmates in primary school that her elder sister was her nanny and Ozo climbed through a lie by telling his friends in primary school that he had been to the “Great wall in China”. Whatever stays in primary school stays in primary school, right?

The main lesson here? The Lockdown Housemates definitely suck at lying.

Day 10: How alliances are born

While discussing how the Head of House game went and who Lucy chose as her Deputy, Wathoni, Praise and Trikytee also shared their preferences in if they had won.

Day 10: Wager Task preparations

In preparation for this week’s circus-themed Wager presentation, the Lockdown Housemates spent their day putting their backs into what will hopefully be their first Wager win.

Day 10: Stormy winds

The ships in the House have been hit by the stormy winds and their ships face an uncertain future.

Love is a beautiful thing, but beneath that beauty lies complications. The Lockdown Housemates are finding out how complicated this thing called love is.

You feel threatened!

With Prince’s interest in Nengi, Ozo position in her life seems threatened. In a bid to not find out the unsettling truth that he may now be the crowd to their company, he decided the best move was to hit the exit. While discussing the situation with Dorathy, she found it amusing that Ozo wanted to untangle himself from the entanglement he was in with Nengi and Prince. Especially because not too long ago she was also in one with him and Nengi. “This is the same thing that happened between the three of us and now it is happening between you, Nengi and Prince and now you are trying to eject yourself,” she said. Disclosing further, Ozo said, “she (Nengi) feels I am avoiding her. “Are you not,” Dorathy responded. “You are a bloody coward… it was almost as if you were putting too much effort to avoid her and that’s so childish,” Dorathy said, disapprovingly about Ozo’s attitude towards the issue. This entanglement may have upset Ozo way more than he’s letting on, but he insisted that he never lets emotions get to him.

Having the talk

Earlier Lilo complained to Biggie about Eric being a distraction and contemplated avoiding him, but that didn’t last long as the two were back in bed and this time, it was to define the terms of their relationship. “What are we doing? We are just having fun in the House, yeah?” Eric asked. He expressed that he felt they could be real but he really wants to know where he stands so he doesn’t do the most in the House while uncertain of what lies outside. Lilo responded that when it came to Eric she felt certain things and liked being around him, but “I won’t tell you I’m not in a relationship when I really am,” she said as the conversation broached the relationship she was in outside the House. She also expressed uncertainty about Eric wanting to be with her outside the House. She suggested they take it slow and see how it turns out.

This uncertainty didn’t stop you from rooting for them

You also saw that nothing good might come off it

He is not my boyfriend

All isn’t well between Vee and Neo. She complained to Lilo about the silent treatment she was getting from Neo. “We haven’t been talking for a while, I will continue carrying on like I usually do until he is ready to come around.” Lilo who just had the talk with Eric encouraged Vee to also have the same with Neo. “You guys should have the talk and if he doesn’t say anything, you can let it go,” she said. Vee expressed her frustration with his mood swings and that even though she liked him, she wasn’t going to stress for anybody. “If he has the guts to sleep in this bed and not tell me what’s wrong, I’d gladly sleep off,” she said.

Day 10: Laycon is not interested anymore

Laycon feels like Erica is doing him dirty as the other Housemates weigh in in this comedic story.

Day 10: “I don’t have time for games,” Vee

Getting frustrated with Neo’s mood swings, Vee confided in Lilo about her inability to get through to him and her unwillingness to put up with his attitude.

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