BBNaija Nengi’s Sextape Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend (Video)

How True Could This Be???

The BBNaija Lockdown star “Nengi” sextape was allegedly leaked by her ex-boyfriend who goes by the name “Naughty Kay”

An unconfirmed source allegedly said that “Naughty Kay” took to the sextape video to his twitter handle to post the which went viral with the caption:-

“Bitch aint grateful”


Could this be true? What led to such inhumanly act by her so called “Ex-Boyfriend”

Watch The Video below…


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349 Comments on BBNaija Nengi’s Sextape Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend (Video)

  1. G says:

    This is Nengi when she was younger.soft n girly and her ringtone wow, see how she is shaking obviously in cloud nine. Also the guy looks older and just took advantage of the little girl. No wonder she was so scared to love Ozo back. If you are not a virgin , you have had sex. Why call her trash , n all the derogatory words I am reading here? Wow humans.

  2. Peter James says:

    This is immoral. It should be urgently banned and taken down by all social media. It is immoral and annoying.

  3. Juzzzy says:

    That’s not Nengi fools can believe whatever they want to believe Nengi is half-caste very fail right from childhood anybody who has dyes will see that the lady is darker and the face the heartless vampire edited was very fail

  4. Anony says:

    It’s clearly Nengi

  5. Bella says:

    This video wasn’t made recently but some years back before she undergo her surgery. Her Ex even confirmed it

  6. Anonymous says:

    She was even enjoying it, girls be wise anal sex is dangerous. Most people are saying is not anal, watch closely. The ex is a fool.

  7. Na wa o says:

    It’s nengi but seriously the leaker Na fool. But to think of it that Toto WIDE.. wide oo almost look like ass and pussy together. Na wa o

  8. Kidwaya says:

    It’s her past we all have one we move

  9. Jboy says:

    Is that nengi for real? It sure looks like her, but did anybody see that pussy mmeehhnnn!!!

  10. Icekid says:

    It’s Nengi
    See as her toto red..chai??

  11. Anonymous says:

    All those saying this is anal s*x una be learner ni this guy obviously fucked her pussy doggystyle na

  12. Anonymous says:

    She damn truly looks like nengi

  13. Anonymous says:

    The is a bad guy

  14. Anonymous says:

    The voice exactly like nengi voice

  15. bisoye says:

    Clearly Nengi.. her smiles at the end gave it out. This would probably be before the liposuction and tattoo but that person wey leak this sh*t no try at all.

  16. Not Nengi says:

    That’s Erica na obviously

  17. Erica says:

    That’s Erica na obviously

    • Micheal says:

      Even if is Nengi, it changes nothing because we all have a past and if I am Ozo and I truly love her, I will go ahead and marry her because that sex tape was in her past. The only problem is that the idiot ex boyfriend did not allow it to remain in the past. If we should all have our past documented like this nobody will give another person a second chance.

  18. Onehouse says:

    Nengi career yaff spoiled ooo dis guy was pounding her anus chaiii,see as the vagina o we wide,Ozo’s family can’t accept her again even if that mumu ozo insisted on rolling with her gosh

  19. Anonymous says:

    If a lady can give this kind of advice to other ladies outthere l think our ladies should wise up

  20. Truth says:

    For those of you saying that’s not her, well the ex has confirmed its them in a comment on her page, but he wasn’t the one that leaked it which is all lie… Girl has been in the business for long

  21. Truth says:

    For those of you saying that’s not her, well the ex has confirmed its them but he wasn’t the one that leaked it which is all lie… Girl has been in the business for long

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don cum paaaa

  23. Anonymous says:

    That Nengi from way back.

  24. Anonymous says:

    How is dis one nengi again. You guys are not tired.

  25. No name says:

    Thats Nengi. But her pussy go sweet and juicy poo. See as the pussy dey color like strawberry, I swear I can pay good cash just to lick that pussy and give it a real fuck.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nigerians are def blind. that is why you vote lies as change, blind folks of naija

  27. Emmanuel says:

    Its Nengi lady, but the guy that posted this is really Kidd.

  28. Sammy says:

    Omo dis guy na werey o

  29. Mike says:

    Obviously is nengi but the guy that posted it might not be happy the way nengi is treating ozo inside the house, posting it is bad anyway meaning this life is not balance someone you are pampering someone else is treating or fucking her like dog normal level .. Sorry thou

  30. Mike says:

    Obviously is nengi .. she hasn’t done the yansh surgery then I watch it clearly ,but the guy that posted it did not do well but he might not be happy the way nengi was treating ozo in the house .. this life is not balance someone you are pampering someone else is fucking her or treating her like dog, anyway normal level

  31. Ayomide says:

    For those of you saying this is Nengi, 600years for you, you bloggers are senseless, why didn’t you remove the name and number written on the video so we can have a clearer picture of the lady?

  32. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t Nengi.. stupid destiny killers????you will suffer for 600 years

  33. Anon says:

    Funny how folks are saying its not Nengi, citing the tattoo she had or that its not her butt size. She worked on her butt and no one was born with a tattoo. You ain’t so sure about the timeline but look at that smile at the end. Bruh, that’s Nengi’s smile fo sure

  34. Nancy says:

    It’s nengi yes but the idiot that posted it is a bastard na fuck she fuck she no kill person who no dey fuck abi they marry him mother as virgin???

  35. iam sad boy says:

    Whether its her or not.the poster did not do well at all

  36. Precious says:

    Look very well that is not Nengi the lady is darker than Nengi no tattoo and Nengi hip is bigger than her’s

  37. Anonymous says:

    All of u say it nengi I dash una 200 yrs of blindness,she bom was strong like koako bread ,is not nengi abeg destiny killer everywhere

  38. Gene says:

    My eyes can’t deceive me this is Nengi,i can swear on that.

  39. Anonymous says:

    That is not Nengi.and what will be his gain. Mumu

  40. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this person is nengi

  41. No man says:

    Ozo deserves better now. They can only remain social media friends..Ozo is too innocent for this insults..Nengi said she likes ppl like her sou

  42. Ovie9ice says:

    This is not neggi ,destiny killers everywhere

  43. City boy says:

    I cool down watch the video zoom pulse and play it’s ? nengi

  44. Miracle says:

    This is not Nengi

  45. Anonymous says:

    That is not Nengi ooo

  46. Anonymous says:

    That doesn’t seem like Nengi

  47. V2no says:

    Well I have nothing to say,to me that’s not nengi, bt if that’s her that guy can be loved I swear ??

  48. Anonymous says:

    Quite unfortunate!… This is Nengi when she was much younger. This is what she wants and likes as she keeps saying Ozo is too quiet/ calm for her liking. This serves her right.

  49. Anonymous says:

    These are the type of guys Nengi likes….she keeps Ozo is too calm or quiet for her liking. So, this suits right.

  50. Jboy says:

    I watched the video couple of times and I confirmed it was “nengi”when she’s not as mature as now…but seriously,the guy that posted this shit is a real dick!?…how can you do such a thing to a girl you broke up with, what’s the connection between you too since you’ve broke up with her?….for real man, it’s not cool!

  51. Jonathan says:

    I watched the video couple of times and I confirmed it was “nengi”…but seriously,the guy that posted this shit is a real dick!?…how can you do such a thing to a girl you broke up with, what’s the connection between you too since you’ve broke up with her?….for real man, it’s not cool!

  52. Laycon says:

    This is never nengi

  53. YoungGh says:

    That’s exactly Nengi, but the guy hasn’t done well, I remember a stupid girl who sent my naked photos across to all my lady friends in my contact list, because after having sex I slept off and she took the advantage, when she did something wrong and I tried to break up with her, she sent all over places my nudity, but yet I didn’t bother because I came to the world naked and will still go naked, Nengi hold heart and pretend as if nothing at all is on air, Keep moving forward, You are almost on top, Sorry tho! The nigga that leaked the video has no future, no hope, not even to talk of Knowing God’s existence,

  54. Ananimous says:

    That’s nengi…it’s very obvious but let’s assume it was her past…she never too fair for that tape…again d boyfriend no try at all!

  55. Nene says:

    So fucking what
    Obviously wasted her time with this low life
    Thank God he is ex

    e dey pain am say she dey big and better. She is so so too much for him

  56. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t nengi!are you guys blind or u,ve refused to see

  57. Michael says:

    This is obviously Nengi. That’s her smile, her face is clear. Hey boy friend is a disgrace to humanity

  58. Anonymous says:

    This is obviously Nengi. That’s her smile, her face is clear. But he boy friend is a disgrace to humanity.

  59. Solicitor says:

    Some days are like that
    Perhap, for his freaky mind, he wanna tarnished the poor girl’s image not knowing that he is fanning her flame of trending.
    Well, let his guilty conscience judge her…

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is not nengi you haters??????

  61. Jjk says:

    Biko this is not her so young stop fooling yourself plz

  62. Anonymous says:

    This is clearly Nengi not doubt… But posting this online is so barbaric… Shey she no like calm guys, see Wetin crazy guys can do.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Not nengi this girl look familiar is a girl in ph

  64. Anonymous says:

    Am a also a guy, but guys who do stuff like this what’s their aim in life, some guys are just so stupid and foolish, if you fucked her so what

  65. Anonymous says:

    Kindly take down the video
    Nengi or not
    People have watched and saved it as you wanted
    You have enough traffic on your site
    Kindly take it down
    You have done enough
    She is a full grown woman
    Whether she is the one in that video or not
    It’s none of ya’ll business
    Most commenting and insulting have done worse and still doing
    Sinners judging sinners

  66. Nengi2 says:

    Anal sex without condom? What is that reddish wound in her pussy? Chai. Ayibanengimote,you be correct Abuja runs girl.
    They guy banged her like he was paying her o
    Anyways,that was old Nengi. Old things have passed away sha

  67. Nengi2 says:

    The guy has a nice d.

  68. boy says:

    I feel loike this is not Nengi check her old pics she has always been light in complexion way back since she was young, i mean that her current color has always been it, the girl in this video doesn’t have the same complexion

  69. Olajumoke says:

    Nobody is perfect mahn, what could she have done to you that make
    s you go to this length with her, that’s soo baad, and I know your mother or lemme say your parents didn’t thought you this way, that’s for sure cus you willingly chosed to be a moron, you shall regret this, even if she’s not the one nobody deserve to be shamed like this, this is too much, and I pray Allah judges you with this evil deed veery soon, I’m not her fam, but I love her so much, but technically…. I don’t care of what morons like this guy who posted this says, keep on spoiling her image as long as you can, that would Neva stop what God has for her, mtcheeeeeew.

  70. Anonymous says:

    It’s not Nengi, the guy is actually mad, irresponsible guy, he-goat, very stupid…. Nengi will always be greater than him, he’s stupid

  71. Anonymous says:

    Cheap hole serves her right.. But Naughty boy no do well,, why leaking it online now aww so sad

  72. Anonymous says:

    nengi na wall fine pussy for that matter i go like to fuck that

  73. Anonymous says:

    Her pussy is so nice

  74. Donchigo says:

    I don’t know if that’s nnegi or nengi but what I’m trying to say that even if that’s her sex video, is it bad to expose videos of sex tape but she has a good ass

  75. Anonymous says:

    Abel joe dat does not look like his boyfriend she did this for money

  76. Anonymous says:

    This guy is fool, even with this video, I still love nengi… Anyone with her contact should pls drop it

  77. Shola says:

    Oya nah and u don do ur worse.. u will see grateness coming d babe way idiot Weytin u do for herself mad man

  78. Anonymous says:

    All of una way de talk say na nnegi,I give una 600yrs of blindness, please watch that video more than 100times, u will discover that, that person is never nnegi

  79. Banjo says:

    Disburse all these negativity, this is not Nengi

  80. Anonymous says:

    Could dis be true please wats d ex boyfriend social media page

  81. Happy one says:

    We all are just passing judgement on the boy not knowing what may have lead to his actions

    But this is not good at all

    But something strong which the girl had did to the guy must have lead to this.

    Still on still, no Matter what!
    He shouldn’t have done this
    This is too mean

  82. Kau says:

    Not nengi

  83. Anonymous says:

    Its definitely her..increase your phones’s brightness to see it clearly

  84. Anonymous says:

    This is so uncalled for?‍♀️That guy must be a big fool!!!??

  85. Omapat says:

    Nonsense! U just wan spoil d girl name. If na true, y u no show their faces. God will punish u for this jobless he- goat

  86. Anonymous says:

    You will suffer all your life on God! You will die untimely amen

  87. qubee_kash says:

    That’s not Nengi please.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Nobody deserves dis..sad!!!

  89. Chizzyp says:

    This is not fair why wil the ex-boyfriend do dis to her ?is act of jealous ness but my God wil punish him pls vote nengi we love u nengi

  90. Chizzyp says:

    This is not fair why wil the ex-boyfriend do dis to her ?is act of jealous ness but my God wil punish him as he have expose dis video all his hidden secret wil be open publicly too very senses guy .we stil love u my baby girl pls vote nengi ooo

  91. Sirghost says:

    If I see her now self I go like fuck ND suck her too that bitch is so pretty ND endowed I wish I can spend some secs with her….

  92. Anonymous says:


  93. Adedunni says:

    I think it’s technically swears

  94. Anonymous says:

    This is Nengi sha, even the way she did her hands that’s definitely her. And this is uncalled for tbh

  95. Anonymous says:

    Jesus oooooo
    She is d one

  96. Anonymous says:

    That is not Nengi even if it is her we still love her and that so called ex-boyfriend will suffer for the rest of his life for this.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Those people saying it’s not nengi are her fans, they don’t want to tarnish there fav image, those saying there is no tatoo on her laps, can’t someone draw tattoo today today? those saying she is much fairer, can’t you see she is much younger here, even a blind man can see that she is the one, she is even putting on the pink durag she gave ozo??. Chai I hate pretenders eeh, and she is in the house forming good gal meanwhile na for anus the guy they fuck am self, see how anus wide…I wonder how pussy go be??. Well am sending this to ozo and his sisters now on Instagram. Godforbid

  98. Anonymous says says:

    Anybody saying that’s not Nengi should go for eyes test, but there’s no sense in what this guy has done. She might be aware of the recording…

  99. Samson says:

    I’ve always say to people your actions speaks louder in future. What ever you do please always be mindful of reactions in that very circumstances. Never you allow your guy or lady to record you private or sacred life, no matter the love, not even your husband or wife no matter how sweet both of you may be. Thanks

  100. Anonymous says:

    This is no doubt Nengi when she was much younger, like years back. The useless boyfriend that posted must be arrested, charge to court and sentence to life imprisonment for this heinous crime of human degradation and humiliation. This is the height of wickedness. ??

  101. Anonymous says:

    This is Nengi abeg, did she draw the tattoo the first day she was born? She might just done that about last 6 months. but what type of puna is this??

  102. Anonymous says:

    that boy will suffer for 600 year until he goes to prison

  103. Anne says:

    VOTE Nengi 32052

  104. John says:

    See how the guy day tear her ass

  105. Anonymous says:

    And she will be forming humble in the house..pretender! Anyways the ex boyfriend is a fool for posting that video..and I blame nengi for allowing him video her when having sex

  106. Anonymous says:

    It’s high time Nigerians accept people for who they are. Well this ain’t Nengi but even if it is! WTF. we all have our lifes to live. I wouldn’t want to be too religious but my dear mind ur business. For you the Boy Friend well-done.. You will meet ur water loo.

  107. Anonymous says:

    No human being deserve this form of wickedness. Nengi is not a saint and so are many of us out there.
    This has made me to stan and restan her for the first time.
    Honourable ex-boyfriend, may u suffer for 600 years of your miserable life.
    Attention seeker and petty thief.

  108. Anonymous says:

    It is Nengi abeg….No doubt at all

  109. Legitstore says:

    Saints.. i see you all..

  110. Anonymous says:

    Saints.. i see you all..

  111. Steveson evanssam says:

    NENGI or not NENGI we still love her.
    Nd as 4 guy u will suffer for 1000yrs.
    NENGI IS now a celebrity .

  112. Anonymous says:

    This is not nengi
    Check the face very well

  113. Anoymous says:

    Where is her tattoo? Bullshit!

  114. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi. If in doubt Google “Artists and their body doubles”. If it was Nengi, they will post the full video . Whoever did this will suffer painfully for the rest of their lives. Every good that previously was in their lives will turn to curse. They will shed tears of sorrow hourly. They will call God and he will never answer them by the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. They will have no reprieve till they do a full media confession

  115. Anonymous says:

    So horny

  116. Anonymous says:


  117. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi,,y’all lame as fuck

  118. Anonymous says:

    This videos looks old like before d tattoos n butt inplant

  119. Anonymous says:

    Nengi love dont freak out when you see this , wat a wicked guy
    What did he achieve now that he has posted d video

  120. Anonymous says:

    Many people are here saying it not nengi she is the 1 much younger .but the guy should be arrested for this nonsense ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️girls becarefu

  121. Anonymous says:

    Please you should becareful that is not nengi
    Our nengi has tatoo on her lap so please

  122. Anonymous says:

    The guy just took advantage of her smh he’s very foolish and wicked but he has done his worst.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Well if this is Nengi i dont know and IDC. They guy fuck up but atleast I’m glad Ozo has a chance with her if this is really her

  124. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what to say sef

  125. Anonymous says:

    Not nengi

  126. Belky says:

    Nengi ooo u don fuck up..full time nobody said u shouldn’t enjoy, then why the video.. this guy will suffer for 600 years..

  127. Anonymous says:

    Omo see nengi nobody says she can’t have sex oo but why most they video

  128. Flash says:

    That is not nnegi if you look at her face very well

  129. Anonymous says:

    You were obviously taking advantage of the poor girl because she needed a favour from you. From the look in this clip she’s not enjoying the sex at all, motherfuckers like you need to be in jail.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Nengi or not, everybody fucks and can do same video with his or her partner but for the guy to go this far then he’s very stupid, now what has he gained????

  131. Anonymous says:

    The girl body dey shake

  132. Anonymous says:

    This is not nengi joor

  133. Anonymous says:

    Make una try get sense Nengi they find fame to win only this one don make her viral

  134. LEENY says:

    The only thing that will make me believe it is Nengi is if the guy shows his own face, secondly if Nengi admits to being the one in the video when she is out of the BBN house.

  135. Zachary says:

    Look at Nengi’s white teeth

  136. Anonymous says:

    She’s not the one, Nengi is fairer

  137. Joy says:

    She is not d one look d face well

  138. Anonymous says:

    This ain’t trying to bring someone down just cause you are jealous that’s low

  139. Anonymous says:

    This guy just want to spoil that girls name wicked people in all planet

  140. Anonymous says:

    You should blackmail anyone like this cos they left you

  141. Anonymous says:

    That’s nengi,but,she looks younger waa for her ex boyfriend o..!

  142. Anonymous says:

    God Wii punish you to your 4th generation

  143. Anonymous says:

    That’s not Nengi.
    Why is the lady crying?? This looks like a rape case.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Am sure she saw how evil your soul is and decided to walk. Stay the fuck away from the young girl’s life and remain the ex you are. Guys like you, will only be people’s ex.

    What ever you think she should be grateful for, it was on mutual consent, so stay the hell away from her life.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Ozo can now see the trash can he’s dying to eat in

  146. Lmao says:

    It might be her sha oo…but if so he should put the full video let’s confirm

  147. Yemmy vee 08079336977 on Whatsapp says:

    That is not nengi,,all this bitch anonymous,,stop fooling yah self

  148. Anonymous says:

    Where is her tattoo ?

  149. Anonymous says:

    Is nengi ohh

  150. Anonymous says:

    Those people saying this is Nengi are blind lol
    She is obviously not Nengi

  151. Joy says:

    She’s not my favourite but watching this video is a no no for me. Some men are so wicked. No matter what happen btw them, he shouldn’t pay her back in such a manner.

  152. Anonymous says:

    And so fucking what… So bad
    Unfortunate fellow

  153. Anonymous says:

    Oh noooo!! This is not nice at all omg,this is nengi !!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Anonymous says:

    This is nengi

  155. Big plug says:

    All of una just foolish come waste sub Dey comment foolish people everywhere

  156. Anonymous says:

    We all know is nnegi but this guy no try at alll what if this was to be his sister reason am guy

  157. Ariz_ teez says:

    Go n vote n stop watching nonsense, Nengi teeth is white, Nengi skin color is lighter, Nengi ve visible tattoos, her buttocks is bigger n boobs smaller, her armpit is nt darker Dan her skin color… Idiots b saying shit about her to favour Dr fav. Feel free coz we no dey reason una… she Neva said she’s a virgin, She’s not d first to ve sex wit a sore loser wit a ugly d**k dats if
    she’s d one. Dis can happen to anybody.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Abeg make you Una forget this video … I can bet it’s not Negi on this video so……I fear Una people when Una done see say Una mate done dy make am Una dy beaf am lol ??????

  159. Anonymous says:

    People are sooo dumb can’t yoll see that’s not Nengi?your hatred towards her has gotten into your heads…its ridiculous

  160. Princess says:

    I dunno y ppl lie like dis….dis face n d person am seeing is not Nengi so pls stop doing false accusation on innocent

  161. Oracle says:

    If you have more prove, please drop it let see. In as much as the face ain’t clear enough. I can comprehensively say that’s not Nengi. Kindly go further and prove she the 1.

    Please note am not close been her fan oh. But I need to be 100% sure she is.

  162. Anonymous says:

    But come to think of it, the way she smiles nd the set of teeth are thesame

  163. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmm well am here to read comments

  164. Anonymous says:

    Dat is not nnegi,at all

  165. Yusuf says:

    The yansh fresh sha

  166. JayDaddy says:

    Nengi will feel so bad to knowing the image her ex has given out in the public and that zoo’s family will not her accept her for that video

  167. Anonymous says:

    This is nengi bling fools wey no dey see

  168. Anonymous says:

    Na Dog she be why una dey surprise. Person wey d guy dey fuck from her anus bcoz d Virginia don too big and wide. D guy self na mad man wey dey fuck through anus and still dey happy to post it.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Those of you saying it’s not Nengi are nothing but an hypocrite..What a shame

  170. Anonymous says:

    Those saying it’s not Nengi are blind ..What prove do you need again ..?

  171. Anonymous says:

    It’s not my nengi

  172. Priscilla Quaye says:

    They have just made her more popular..we all fuck so we should stop behaving as of its something new. The guy is a fool too to have posted this!

  173. Anonymous says:

    I’m here for all the people saying “”that is not nengi! I must say u all are just hypocrites….. what more do u want to see? Someone was even saying “if they say is nengi they should upload the full vedio” just imagine how much more u want to watch her nekadeness! These are the people that will never say the truth even when the truth is glaring, deep in thier heart they know she is the one and even want to see more. Such people always agure blindly. Mmtcheww. God will sha judge that her ex boyfriend for this.

  174. Anonymous says:

    She’s not the one

  175. Anonymous says:

    He has just destroyed this girl’s career

  176. Anonymous says:

    Fuck me too

  177. Anonymous says:

    Even if that was neggi,why should her ex boyfriend post such a naughty thing like that..some guys enh they don’t have sense..I think that guy needs to be purnished for that

  178. Derick says:

    See toto
    Look the face clearly she is nengi
    Check it out

  179. Anonymous says:

    She is the one look at the nose, omo Men life no balance

  180. Anonymous says:

    Wat has DAT guy gained for posting this hmmmm guys ehh now d fun they had being closed door is now in d open for the whole world to see

  181. Idrisbaba says:

    Whether nengi or no b nengi we move

  182. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely Nengi, but my concern is that she seemed as if she was forced into that,looked like she was actually crying.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Pls that person is not nengi please

  184. Captain says:

    It’s Her

  185. Anonymous says:

    Definitely this is a blue film acting because there is at least one more person who is taking the video. People can do a lot of things for money. It is only Nengi or those present that can confirm the authenticity of this video. If it is her that’s her life and she will live with it as a celebrity.

  186. Asogwa Amobi says:

    Nice pussy

  187. Noble says:

    That’s nengi lately before she began
    to add surgery to her natural beauty.both face and backside .

  188. Anonymous says:

    The girl doesn’t even look like Nengi, mtcheew

  189. bibi says:

    different shape of face.

  190. bibi says:

    nengi has always been extra light skin

  191. bibi says:

    nengi has always been extravlight s

    nengi has always been extra light skin

  192. Dean says:

    Oga, 147 people don watch am, plus me 148, hypocrites everywhere, whether na nnengi or not, e no concern me, no be today fuck start. See number 69??tamara say he watch am over nd over again bcoz he could not believe his eye, abegi make i hear word, una no go kill me with laff abeg, nnegi do ur thing jare, ya doing well

  193. Anonymous says:

    This is Nengiiiii oooooo… What has the unfortunate bastard gained now that he posted it

  194. Chioma says:

    So all of you here just watched a sex tape??… Oya line up for your confession

  195. Anonymous says:

    That’s not nengi u guys should check the ladies face well

  196. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi at all

  197. Anonymous says:

    She is not Nnegi and can never be. Pls stop tarnishing her image.

  198. Berry says:

    This is very bad, she loved the guy and left ozo for him just to be with him after the show and boom e reveal the video about her imagine if am nengi i will just follow ozo ,he is very wicked for doing something like this

  199. Anonymous says:

    Its nnegi , stop arguing

  200. Anonymous says:

    God will punish whomsoever that faked this rubbish just to tarnish her good reputation

  201. Ble says:

    That is not nengi oo

  202. Olly says:

    Nigerians argue blindedly, Abeg let’s forget the issue

  203. Olly says:

    Whether it’s Nengi or not her reputation is at stake, I won’t blame the guy neither Nengi. The Deed as been done

  204. Naz says:

    That’s not nengi that’s her lookalike

  205. Anonymous says:

    So this is how you wanna promote your site?…… Uploading false s*xtapes of people. Anyways this won’t change anything if she will survive till the end or be evicted. #WiseUp

  206. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi so stop posting rubbish

  207. Julitex18 says:

    This is not nengi the young lady look like her not her

  208. Anonymous says:

    This is young nengi

  209. Anonymous says:

    Chiaaa why

  210. Anonymous says:

    Y so much hate

  211. Anonymous says:

    She is the one oooooooooo… Chai

  212. Anonymous says:

    What if is nengi,??
    What if she is not… so because you all feel it’s not nengi does not warrant you guys to blast the he goat that posted this?? People are to biased.. what a pity..

  213. Anonymous says:

    Obviously that is nengi before she did her ass. That is her smile let’s stop hiding the fact. The only fault I see here is a young lady blinded with trust and the unfortunate idiot or should I call him a bastard that posted this shit. What has he achieved? Fame or what!? She even made it known that she has a relationship outside. Not as if she hid it, even if she did, it doesn’t warrant him to embarrass himself..yes, this is total embarrassment and disgrace upon the so called idiot that uploaded this. We just do things not minding if the person involved is suicidal. Let’s be mindful of what we say and do to people around us Ladies and gentlemen we all have to be careful trust no one even yourself.I come in ✌️…… happy Sunday…

  214. Anonymous says:

    This ain’t Nengi

  215. Anonymous says:

    That is totally not Nengi videos can be edited that’s totally not Nengi

  216. Anonymous says:

    Ahahah..thats nengi ohhhh

  217. Anonymous says:

    That’s not nengi

  218. Anonymous says:

    All those saying it’s Nengi Before she washed her skin mind you Nengi no bleach her skin! Nengi na semi metise from from.

  219. Anonymous says:

    This is nengi.

  220. Bb says:

    That is not nengi

  221. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi, it’s a cheap blackmail

  222. Anonymous says:

    Itz may be true becuz only the way nengi is behoiving as for me itz true

  223. Anonymous says:

    Nicest pussy ever

  224. Anonymous says:

    The whole place is dark oo
    I can’t see anything oo

  225. Real says:

    Is there anyone who hasn’t had sex before?
    What does it matter, the person you are having sex with now, if he doesn’t marry you you will be one of those girls that he has fucked. So what if the guy put it on tape. Isnt the guy a bigger fool too. As if he was not naked too. Hell fire no go contain ppl o.

  226. Emzy says:

    This is Nengi for real but they guy did not do well at all but Nengi is a gold digger and she needs to take it easy.

  227. Anonymous says:

    That’s nengi and its so unfortunate!

  228. DJ hop says:

    It is nengi infact look at the smile but the man is a devil ode idiot nincompoop useless senseless human being

  229. Anonymous says:

    She doesn’t look like her on a first look,the complexion and the tattoo not being there makes me doubt,but on a second though,she could’ve gotten her tattoo after the video and she could’ve used those half-cast kits people usually use to look so white,I won’t judge her either ways,the guy who posted this video,what does he aim to achieve???
    She only had sex…….nothing wrong about that ??

  230. Anonymous says:

    That’s not nengi man that’s someone else those who believe hate on her and that’s sad.

  231. Anonymous says:

    That just slightly looks like nengi but not her

  232. Dja says:

    HmmmNengi is always pretending to viewers look at this shit and she is even pretending to Ozo as if she is the best look at how we her falling for Kiddwaya but Thank God Kid loves Erica

  233. Zeenoh says:

    This is not my nengi
    Mr/Mrs poster

  234. Anonymous says:

    Whoever do this to nengi it shall not be well with the person ?

  235. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi

  236. Teenah says:

    I watched the face closely.
    That is NENGI… Pretty younger there without body washed.The buttocks were vibrating if you observe well and you can tell it was worked on.
    “Dear Useless boyfriend, You must be very a BIG FOOL for posting this”.

  237. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi. Forget tattoo, tattoo could have been gotten any time but the truth is that Nengi does not have an oval fave. That girl there has an oval face

  238. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi though. Nengi has a round face or so.

  239. Anonymous says:

    Definitely nengi

  240. Anonymous says:

    We already know the truth & we have been informed that there is a video to be released claiming to be nengi’s sex tape

  241. Anonymous says:

    Mumu post

  242. Anonymous says:

    That’s not Nengi biko

  243. Anonymous says:

    Nengi or Not.. Na one wey person go take get more fame..who knows ?! If she will be the next Nigeria Kim Kardashian ????. Na sextape auntie Kim k take blow if you remember or know make you know now.. Dy argue over matter wey dem no go credit you… You better catch cruise and keep planning ???

  244. Anonymous says:

    This is purely nengi . Wow this was before she washed her self up for big brother show . Enhanced her skin but and teeth . But this guy is fool . This is inhuman . Scumbag idiot!

  245. Anonymous says:

    So virgin hair disappear, light skin disappear, tattoo disappear, una put nengi face to porn,I’m too woke to be deceived full stop.

  246. Philo says:

    This is Nengi and from this moment I love her more.

  247. Anonymous says:

    So virgin hair disappear,tattoo disappear, light skin disappear, una arrange put her face,world people me I no fall for this,I’m too woke to be deceived.

  248. Anonymous says:

    This is really bad

  249. Anonymous says:

    We’ve all had sex or still gonna have sex in life. So nobody holy pass. I’ve had my boyfriend video me in the past during sex, I’ve had same video stolen. If it gets out, so fucking what? It doesn’t change me, big deal. The only problem I have wit Nengi is her trying to show she’s sexy and beautiful in a vain manner. Always trying to make us see how sweet she is in a proud manner. I mean, we love beautiful women who act like they’re not, more sexy. But what do I know?

  250. Pryme says:

    Doesn’t look like Nnegi’s pussy

  251. Anonymous says:

    Its so wrong to put this video out there,if its your sister or mother, I bet you wouldn’t put it up.Each time men think that revealing a lady’s sex tape is the ultimate, carry on but just know your sister’s or mother’s is no different, if you respect their privacy, so should you respect every one’s privacy.This is wicked,uncalled.Whether its her or not,doesn’t matter anymore.I hope you’re happy for doing this but a day of reckoning awaits us all.

  252. Sitback says:

    The lady in the video doesn’t look like a half cast.its not Nengi.
    Total scam..dickrica fans at work..shame..rubbish

  253. Anonymous says:

    He isn’t mature at all

  254. Winnie says:

    Her body is lightly fair den her face over fair its a big lie dats not nengi o
    If u like believe

  255. Winnie says:

    Thats not nengi
    Look well…..they just want to tanish her imaje

  256. Anonymous says:

    Is like unah eyes da pain unah ooh
    That’s not Nengi
    And the guy that post this video his very foolish

  257. Young ma says:

    ????dis is not nengi at all

  258. Anonymous says:

    Plssssss oooh
    Is not nengi it is Femi and I knew when this happened b/w her and kalu(Marcus) the nickname

  259. Kcee says:

    No wonder she always wear bra

  260. Anonymous says:

    Rubbish the video didn’t play and that’s not her rubbish blog

  261. Anonymous says:

    Dis isn’t nengi ….d lady dere as given birth it might be here tho buh wat d guy problem …dis is a lesson to other ladies who allow dere boyfrnd to video dem wen dey are having sex

  262. tamara says:

    The naked truth is that, the girl on this video clip is truly Nengi. I watched it over and over because i didn’t believe my eyes. But the way she moves her hands in BBN show reflected on this clip and to cap it up, her smiles towards the end shows clearly that she is the one. But I am disappointed in the boy friend.

  263. Anonymous says:

    that’s Nengi, the video is clear

  264. Topman says:

    blind idiot. That is not Nengi at all.

  265. Jay says:

    It’s not her jare, look at the face well

  266. Anonymous says:

    That is not nengi

  267. Anonymous says:

    I want to marry her,

  268. Anonymous says:

    This is nengi but what her boyfriend did was totally wrong

  269. Anonymous says:

    We will sue you for defamation of character

  270. Anonymous says:

    That’s not nengi.

    It’s just a frame up

  271. Anonymous says:

    Nengi also has given birth guys wise up she is just fake and ungrateful overambitious bitch

  272. Anonymous says:

    Are u blind that is her wen she has not done tattoo

  273. Pojbhbb says:

    Don’t allow videos please

  274. Anonymous says:

    That’s fucking Nengi, nobody holy Sha……Her ex is very stupid and insensible

  275. Anonymous says:

    D guy is stupid
    Just want to ruin dis gals fame

    What a wicked thing

  276. Sleek says:

    This isnt nengi

  277. Anonymous says:

    The person in that video has given birth, pls you guys should stop this nonsense, about Nengi

  278. Anonymous says:

    The guy self na mumu “two secs guy”

  279. Anonymous says:

    This is the real Nengi ooo omo ??

  280. Oya says:

    Can I fuck you too

  281. Oya says:

    Nice pussy and boobs

  282. Violet says:

    Why are people wicked, what kind of hatred is this one, why will any one carry such rumour to internet, to tarnish someone image, just to get to her, this is not Nengi pls, if they fell she is the one let them release the full video, bitch

  283. Anonymous says:

    It’s her but why do the ex boyfriend do this to her , is mean and stupid abeg, he should be arrested

  284. Anonymous says:

    This is Nengi. The face is very clear. She must have done this when she was younger and before the tattoo and butt enlargement. Some men are wicked.

  285. Charles says:

    pls I need the guy handle on twitter pls

  286. Anonymous says:

    The guy is just a very stupid and immature person for leaking the video…cos why

  287. Tee? says:

    This is nengi abeg…

  288. Anonymous says:

    Who never get sex…what’s d point

  289. Pussy Lover says:

    Fools this ain’t even her I hope someone does same to you so you know how it is to tarnish someone’s image

  290. Anonymous says:

    I love your Dick Man

  291. Anonymous says:

    Pls this is not Nengi
    Stop tarnishing the innocent girl image… The ex is just stupid and dumb

  292. Anonymous says:

    That is Nengi….you can all deny all you want but the next step is to get the guy arrested and a bounty places on his head for 5million naira.

    Very heartless to want to destroy a persons future just for popularity….no matter how the relationship ended should never let you demean a person this way

  293. Rashkng says:

    Fake news
    Dats is not nengi
    Pipu take sex as a bad thing buh nobody is exempt out of having sex
    And even though it’s her whts wrong

  294. Anonymous says:

    She is nengi that is her face.

  295. Anonymous says:

    That’s not her

  296. Anonymous says:

    So what’s the guy trying to proof… he’s very stupid. Oga u hv release de video and we like her even more now

  297. Anonymous says:


  298. annony says:

    pls this is nengi her face showed clearly.

  299. Anonymous says:

    Obviously it’s nengi, we all have sex fine but why fooling your self like she ain’t the one…mtchew

  300. Anonymous says:

    she was too young

  301. Anonymous says:

    Believe it or not this is Nengi before she got her tatoo

  302. Anonymous says:

    All of una Dey talk say una no Dey fuck?

  303. Anonymous says:

    Why would she allow her boyfriend to video their sex .. oh fuck, this shudnt go viral

  304. Dibugwu says:

    Men can be mean. What rubbish!

  305. Lizzy gold says:

    She is the one

  306. Pussy bender says:

    Omo see fresh pussy guyyyy… ????
    Girl is fuckin hot

  307. Jane says:

    This is not nengi,she is very fair and have tattoo,look at the face of the girl it doesn’t even look like her round face.u people should stop tarnishing this girl image.She is an orphan ooo,haters leave nengi alone.

  308. Anonymous says:

    This is not Nengi!

  309. Anonymous says:

    Before Tattoo and butt enhancement

  310. Anonymous says:

    She is the one tho. Maybe this blackmail is the reason she remains loyal to him but the guy is just being mean.

  311. Anonymous says:

    This is not even her you fools

  312. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe my eyes

  313. Anon says:

    Even if she’s the one it’s very bad of that guy to do this shit
    But I gotta be honest nengi has a very large pussy o why she con Dey form for ozo na ??

  314. Ukuli mercy says:

    That is not Nengi

  315. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is ridiculously stupid and unbelievable

  316. Anonymous says:

    Shes the one, but yet they will call Erica a slot?????

  317. Anonymous says:

    It’s not her, i can really testify to that.

  318. Great says:

    That’s nengi

  319. Anonymous says:

    Obara Jesus, see porn oooo…

    Sweet Dickson, oh lord save us

  320. Wotw3 says:

    It’s her and so what

  321. De great says:

    She’s the one door look at her face at the end

  322. Andrew Orkorga says:

    Even if she’s the one, life goes on… But is really bad for a guy to do such a thing.

  323. Anonymous says:

    I will like to drill the pussy too

  324. Anonymous says:

    Damn men nengi got ta sweet pussy

  325. Anonymous says:

    She is not the one joor

  326. Anonymous says:

    It is not her ooo abeg… her tattoo sef is not there

  327. Anonymous says:

    she might not have the tattoo then her picture is even younger then

  328. Anonymous says:

    she is the one

  329. Anonymous says:

    she might not have the tattoo then but I am sure she is the one

  330. Anonymous says:

    That’s not her! Period!

  331. Bisola says:

    That is Nengi o, but what is there it might have been long but life moves on o

  332. Anonymous says:

    This is not her jare

  333. Anonymous says:

    Oga this is nengi

  334. Anonymous says:


  335. Anonymous says:

    That’s her alright but this should be a long time ago

  336. Sasha says:

    That doesn’t look like Nengi at all, people can exaggerate Sha???

  337. Nengi says:

    Am not sure with dat at all

  338. JBibz... says:

    And so fucking disaster what!!????? So what if it’s Negi, what’s he (‘Ex Boyfriend’) trying to prove?.. yes, most at times when we have sex with our partners, we go crazy and super excited and allow them document the show coz we’re both having fun and what have we? even if it happens to be our star ? girl #Nengi!! we don’t bloody care.. of course everyone has his or her own ugly past and wish not to hunt them on a long run. We will still vote for Negi whether or not it happens while she was slim and hasn’t gotten any tattoo.. You don’t ruin someone’s shine because you want to shine and be heard?. This Ex boyfriend of her’s just want to be famous by all means.. my two cents on this matter is : Ladies… Let’s be vigilant and don’t allow any idiot to make a video of us whilst they f**k and cum in us. Not all can accept us after seeing such video. Let not our present pleasures damage our future Glory…. Be wise..!!!

  339. Anonymous says:

    Dis not her

  340. Anonymous says:

    Nengi has a tatoo on her right side and she has virgin hair,it might look like her but i know that aint her

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