Beauty Of A Rabbit By; SUE

White male rabbit 

Always wrinkles up his nose 

No matter where he goes

He is such a funny habit
Healthy, large and double

A she would suit his manly size. 

Cock crows, by morning he will rise

And move towards her like a bubble 
They meet again at night 

Amid the leaves within the bushes

Noiseless inside the still hushes

As the Moonlight is bright 
They share a kiss

Long ears twirling around like vines. 

He ignores the warning signs 

Obvilious to what is amiss
The kiss becomes a vicious bite

She quickly chews off half his face

Despite this, he holds his embrace

Turning her around and gripping tight 
Almost headless, he cares not 

Continuing his lusty need 

Rising in pressure and speed

Wailing on the spot
Finished with him, she flees 

He is tired like a corpse. 

And as a leaf swept by a force

He leaves with the breeze
Written By;  Steph Urch Ezeonye


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