Bernice Burgos about to be a grandma at 27, as she confirms her unmarried daughter at 21, is pregnant and claps back at those hating over it

Recently, rumors began flying that Bernice Burgos’s daughter, Ashley Marie Burgos is pregnant after she went missing from Instagram and Snapchat for a while. The Model and entrepreneur has now confirmed that her 21-year-old daughter is pregnant.
She also clapped back at those judging them and said she was good with it and her daughter is also good. She further revealed that she had Ashley when she was 15. She said they planned to keep the pregnancy a secret then called out those who brought it to the public space.
She says, “Let me let ya haters know. The people that support me, I love ya but let me tell ya something, my daughter – she’s already 21 – she’s happy and whatever decision she decides she wants to do, I’m there for her. At the end of the day, I had her at the age of fifteen – you know – I was a young mom now I’m gonna be a young grandmother and I’m gonna be a BAD grandmother.”
“You know I’m saying I love her to death. And Ashley, don’t worry about these f**king haters. We were tryna keep it as a secret – you know – cause sometimes you gotta keep your personal business just private just for us just for the family. But ya people talking so much gossip is so much bullshit that ya’ll got nothing else to do. She’s good though. We’re all good. But anyway, stay tuned for the reality show that’s gonna come really soon. See ya,” she continued.



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