Best Of Barcelona By; SUE

There is no magic in the worldBut there are wonders in football

Round the earth are so many clubs

All struggling for second, except one
Unlike the gunners, they are not goners

They bring forth their tongue like the arizona

From the Spanish province of Catalonia 

Comes the sky lighted Barcelona 
24 LA Ligas, 28 Copa Del Rey, 

Like dragons, they continue to slay

To other clubs, they never fall prey

Confidence on the field they potray
Enrique training without Mercy

Producing likes of Suarez, Neymar and Messi

Scoring goals without arousing controversy

Distinctive in their colourful jerseys
Best in the world and Best in spain

Almighty Madrid, we have slain

91 trophies without a single strain

While other clubs go down the drain,

Written By;  Stephanie Urch Ezeonye


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