Born Legend By;  SUE

They are the greatest footballers of all time

So excellent in the field,their moves resembles a mime

Give either of them the ball and he would score

They are equally great,its just about who you like more
However,the arguments are still just like a prism

Never coming to an end,the comparisons

By people who fail to realise that they are two different personalities

Distinguished in their playing styles and personal qualities
Great writers say the secret to success is self-discipline and perseverance 

Two outstanding qualities Christino portrays in his appearance

Experience and self-esteem on the field has left him renowned 

King of kings of football he has been crowned
Nothing in the globe can be comparable to a talent

More amazing when it comes from a man so quiet

Gliding past the strongest of defenders with his magic legs to score without controversy

Yet so much humility engraved in this man Messi. 
Both of their stats and numbers are insane

Rather than creating so much dissension over the best in the game,

Let the world see them as an inspiration;

True blessings to our generation….

Sourced By;  Stephanie Uche Ezeonye (SUE) 


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