Cee-C Reveals How Getting Rich Has Transformed Her Style

Cee-C Reveals How Getting Rich Has Transformed Her Style

Cynthia Nwadiora,aka Cee-C was one of the most polarizing figures in Big Brother Naija history and she fast became the woman that everybody loved to hate. However, the effect she had on the public is undeniable.

Since leaving the house, Cee-C has become quite the figure and in this exclusive interview with Pulse fashion, The BB Naija stars tells us how getting richer has transformed her style and shares some of her fashion secrets.

Ask anybody who Cee-C is and they would be able to tell you. The angry young lady who entered the Big Brother house in February fast-became a household name with her outbursts and multiple bust-ups in the house.

However, Cee-C has blossomed into quite the beauty on her media tour post-BB Naija. Thanks to a group of stylist, MUA’s and hairdressers, Cee-C has been transformed and the vocal TV star has matured almost immediately.

Having worked with some of the most talented make-up artists in Nigeria including Bibyonce and Porzellan beauty, Cee-C’s makeup has gone from brash to a subtle, illuminating glam which brings out her natural beauty. Her style has been described as classy and chic and she’s gone from a troubled young girl to a more measured and young woman before our very eyes.

Pulse sat down with Cee-C to discuss all things fashion and find out what really makes her tick.

What inspires your style and how do you think it has changed since leaving the house?

I’ve always been stylish, if you look at my pictures prior to Big Brother, I’ve always been someone who likes to express herself through the way she dresses.

I like looking good and I like good things so for me, nothing has changed since the Big Brother house.

Yes of course, I now wear better stuff, more quality stuff because there wasn’t money at that time, now there’s money.

What are 3 items that you cannot live without?

A bodycon dress, my lashes and nice shoes.

Which Nigerian designers do you like?

I like Andria, she has been styling me ever since I came out of the house and I think she’s a very good stylist.

For now, that’s about it, all my clothes come from her.

How did you cope with the criticism of your appearance in the house and what advice would you give to young women facing the same thing?

I think it’s OK for people to criticise you because of they don’t, how will you know what you are not doing right?

For me, I take it as a part of learning because there’s a thing called growth and with growth you are supposed to move from one place to another and people should be able to help you with that.

To the young ones out there, do not get carried away with all of that, don’t get sucked into the idea that people hate you. Everybody cannot like you, if everybody likes you that means you’re doing something wrong.

Just know your truth and know who you are and when you do, dealing with criticism becomes much easier.


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