Daddy Freeze’s Mocks The MFM Pastor Who Died In The Church On Socail Media (Read More)



Why Daddy Freeze’s Mockery Of The MFM Pastor Who Died In Church Is Wrong 
Below is the reaction of Daddy Freeze to the death of a Pastor who died in a Church eight months after he survived an attack by Badoo cult group in Ikorodu.

Reacting to the news, Freeze wrote on his Instagram page:

How can someone die inside a church? During the time of Jesus no one died while he was preaching because he had the power of resurrection. This is the same thing that happened during the time of the disciples.

A young lad fell off the balcony of the third floor of where Paul was preaching, Paul resurrected him and he went home alive.

How come we don’t see exploits like these in today’s church? Well because what most worship is money not God! ~FRZ

One thing I’ve noticed is that Freeze loves to use any slight opportunity to attack Christianity itself, while his gullible and deceived followers think it is pastors he’s attacking. Attacking Christianity is the same a attacking God.
In his post, he claims the man’s death in Church shows that the Church lacks the power of God, cos they would have resurrected him if it did. He even went ahead to mention the case of Paul raising a man who died while he was teaching. What Freeze lacks is the understanding of the will of God concerning situations.

First, anyone can die anywhere even in a Church which is one of the best places to die. We’ve seen instances where tonnes of people died during Church service. Examples are Boko Haram bombing of Churches in Nigeria and also ISIS bombing Churches in Egypt at almost every Christian festive period.Can we now say that the Christians in those Churches lack the power of God to stop such attacks? No. They have it but God in some way allowed such to happen. Jesus Christ himself spoke of such things to come. If they do not happen, then the words of Jesus written in the Bible will be said to be false.

John 16:2

They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.

That was Jesus speaking of the persecutions Christians are facing today as many of them die right inside the Church. This doesn’t mean God’s power of resurrection doesn’t exist in those places. Such deaths only happen for a reason.

If you read the news of the pastor who died in Church, you will most likely see that he died a peaceful death. Reports have it that he was very active in service that day as he prepared the Church before other members arrived and prayed fervently. He died in the house of his God. Shouldn’t that be one of the best places to die? That is similar to martyrdom cos those who died as a result of Islamist bombing Churches in Egypt are labelled martyrs. They died in a place they believed in. That doesn’t mean those places lack God’s power of resurrection. Certain things are just meant to happen.

If people like Freeze were alive at the time of Jesus Christ, they will probably be among those taunting Jesus while he was on the cross, saying ”he saved others yet he cannot save himself”. If Jesus Christ wanted to escape that death, he would have. But he allowed himself to be led to the slaughter cos it was for a purpose.

Notice how Freeze used the case of Paul resurrecting the man that died while he was preaching. If Freeze was alive during the time of Apostle Paul, he would have mocked him for allowing himself to be killed and for not resurrecting even when he resurrected someone else. Freeze didn’t put into consideration the likelihood that the pastor could have died cos God wanted him to come and rest with HIM.Perhaps, that’s why the man died peacefully in the house of his God. Perhaps, God made him survive Badoo Cult cos He didn’t want him to die a brutal death.

For all those who have been deceived by the lies of Freeze, pls retrace your steps cos he sells you half truth mixed with a load of lies. He takes advantage of your lack of analytical skills and Biblical knowledge and uses it to lure you away from God and into a position that sees you attacking God without knowing.



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