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Death to Testosterone! BY …Olakunle Allison

Death to Testosterone! BY …Olakunle Allison

Whenever I listen to new age feminists I cannot hold back my amusement and bemusement. I shudder at their loss of perspective. However I believe that many of them see the gaping holes in their extremist ideology but hold dearly to it nevertheless for political and social reasons. Feminists like Chimamanda Adichie fall into this clique. The clique of feminists who talk about patriarchy as though it was a social construct. They talk about patriarchy as some sort of invention; something men invented to the detriment of women. How lame.

It is either feminists like Chimamanda know better than to tout this position but do so for other mischievous reasons (which I believe to be the case) or they are just not as intelligent as we all thought them to be. I say this because when we foray deeper into knowledge afforded us by basic biology alone we begin to understand why patriarchy is the popular game in town.

Patriarchy (the sociocultural system that allows a society to be male controlled and centred) is not and has never been the fault of anybody. Rather it is the outworking or spin-off of natural biology. In other words, we have patriarchy because the world is full of testosterone!

Knowledge is interconnected, not isolated. People who have the habit of isolating a field of knowledge from other fields end up thinking and talking like the Chimamandas of this world. They might speak eloquently and brilliantly, even persuasively, but not roundedly. They are masters at oratorically selling their point of view whilst shrouding the bigger view in obscurity. They do this quite intelligently and often get away with it because they are relatively intelligent. I keep referencing Chimamanda because she personifies exactly that. She isolates many areas of knowledge in a bid to tout her radical ideas.

Culture is not fixed by men but by something within men. Society is not driven by men but driven by something that drives men. Madam Chi only focuses on men without caring to understand other deeper factors simply because the superficiality of it serves her purpose. Like I said, all knowledge is interconnected.

At the core of patriarchy is biochemistry. Biochemistry influences physiology and psychology. Both then influence sociology (human relations and interactions). Social norms and habits then create cultures including the practice of patriarchy. Hence, if people don’t want to see societies controlled and led by men they must first alter their biology, specifically eradicate their patriarchal hormone. Testosterone is a patriarchal hormone.

The testosterone is the sex hormone or steroid responsible for reproductive health in males. Men generally have high testosterone levels. This is their natural biology. The testosterone is the reason most, if not all, men have deep voices, lots of facial/body hair, high bone mass, high muscle mass, high libido and other masculine features. Few women who have these features have abnormally high testosterone levels and it is considered an hormonal disorder. That is, it is not normal for a woman to have high testosterone. So now we see biochemistry influencing physiology (physical features).

But this hormone wields bigger influences. Research has demonstrated that the testosterone controls behaviors! This gonadal hormone is responsible for many behaviors common in virtually all men. They are Aggression, Competition, Domination and Exaggerated SelfEsteem. Hence we see how testosterone influences mental states (psychology) and behaviour (sociology).

Unlike women, men are hardwired by nature to be aggressive or hyperactive, to compete, to dominate and to be egoistic. This hormone has both good and bad sides. Men excel in high-risk and high-powered jobs or vocations because of testosterone; jobs like Military/Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Civil/Mechanical Engineering, Coal-Mining, Blacksmithing, Bodyguarding/Night Guards, Butchering, Hunting, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Truck-Driving etc. Yes, there are a VERY few women in these jobs but they are the rare exceptions rather than the rule. And they are usually women with higher than normal testosterone levels; a biological abnormality.

Testosterone levels also affect how emotions behave. According to research, we now know that low testosterone levels affect emotions and men with rare and low testosterone are more likely to suffer depression and react emotionally to issues. This makes a whole lot of sense because we can now understand why women are easily influenced by their emotions. They have low testosterone compared to men! But this has even far reaching implications.

There are certain jobs or tasks that would never be suitable for emotional people because emotions prevent and cloud logical, analytical and mathematical thinking. Guys, it is not sheer happenstance or a happy coincidence that we have MORE MALE mathematicians, philosophers, computer engineers, web designers, research scientists, astronauts and LEADERS. These are fields that demand lots of analytical and logical thinking rather than emotive thinking. Jobs that demand testosterone!

Men are leaders in human societies because of testosterone. Men are men because of testosterone. This is why when western men want to become women or transgender they go for what is called Testosterone Hormone Therapy. The lower your testosterone the less of a man you become. And as we’ve seen, this does not only affect your physiology but also your psychology as well; it affects your ability to assess matters devoid of emotional colouration and adopt a more logical and mathematical approach to them. This is why men with normal testosterone levels LEAD in virtually every human society. Nature (God) gave men the upper hand. Patriarchy is the result.

From the standpoint of sociology, patriarchy is therefore inevitably the only natural consequence. Because of testosterone men are stronger and less emotional. They become natural leaders. They protect the weaker sex. They provide for them. They sacrifice for them in times of war and peace. They take the lead. And as leaders THEY ALSO MAKE THE RULES!

This is the case for patriarchy from the most basic unit of life; the cell. But feminists want you to believe that men formed an unholy alliance, ganged up on women and invented patriarchy. These feminists are either stupid or pretending to be for their selfish agenda.

All knowledge is interconnected. Our biology influences our physiology, psychology and even objectivity. And they in return influence how society is ordered.

If you want to see the end of patriarchy, then be poised to reduce the testosterone levels in every male. Be ready to do a testosterone hormone therapy for all men. Turn them to transgender men. Otherwise you are fighting a lost cause.



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