Dismissed Acting CBN Governor Refuse To Resign, Retrieve, Or Destroy Records.

Dismissed acting CBN governor refuse to resign, retrieve, or destroy records.

Despite President Bola Tinubu’s nomination of a substantive governor to succeed him, danger looms at the Central Bank of Nigeria as the former Acting Governor, Folashodun Shonubi, has refused to resign from his position.

Similar to that, his former deputies went back to their workplaces on Monday to take laptops and retrieve and destroy papers.

According to CBN sources, Shonubi and his deputies “looted their offices” on Monday.

This comes at a time when certain powerful businesspeople and government figures are finalizing strategies to convince President Tinubu to halt the Special Investigator Jim Obazee’s ongoing investigation into the CBN and GBEs.

This group of Nigerians has already sent a delegation to New York, where President Tinubu is currently attending a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), to engage with him about the necessity of halting the continuing investigation of the apex bank by Obazee.

Last Friday, President Tinubu appointed Dr. Yemi Cardoso as the next governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and named four other people as his deputy governors, pending National Assembly confirmation.

The four candidates for deputy governor are Dr. Bala M. Bello, Mrs. Emem Nnana Usoro, Mr. Muhammad Sani Abdullahi Dattijo, and Mr. Philip Ikeazor.

The acting governor and his deputies of the top bank were appointed, thereby ending their terms.

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According to information obtained, before choosing Cardoso and his deputies as the new managers of the top bank, the President did not solicit feedback from his Special Investigator, who is now looking into the CBN.

Temperaments are now escalating in the country’s financial sector over the new development at the central bank, suggesting that President Tinubu’s appointment of Cardoso and the four new CBN deputy governors may have encountered a snag.

It has been confirmed that the CBN personnel and management are already preparing for a confrontation with the Federal Government over the new hires at the top bank.

The appointment of Cardoso and his four deputies as the new administrators of the CBN and the country’s financial industry is opposed by the managing directors and chief executive officers as well as significant stakeholders in the commercial bank sectors, it was learned on Monday from reliable sources.

The appointment of Cardoso and his deputies, which they have characterized as merely handing over the CBN and the nation’s financial sector and economy to a new set of “incompetent and incapable hands” by President Tinubu, is reportedly being opposed by the MDs of commercial banks and other significant stakeholders.

Cardoso and his four deputies are accused of lacking the credentials, ability, and professional experience needed for their positions as CBN management.



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