Don’t Make Mockery Of Your Father Because Otedola Bought Ferrari Cars For His Daughters – Reno



Nigerians have been urged to stop belittling their fathers because Otedola gave his girls car gifts.

Nigerians have been told to stop making mockery of their fathers just because billionaire, Femi Otedola bought ferrari cars for his three daughters. 

Reno Omokri took to his Twitter page to react to Otedola’s Ferrari gifts to his daughter, while expressing his disappointment on comments left by some Nigerians for their fathers over the gifts. 

In a video made by Reno, he advised Nigerians not to allow Mr. Femi Otedola’s Ferrari gifts to his daughters diminish their fathers worth. 

He said he was disappointed by a lot of Nigerian celebrities and other Nigerians who took to the social media to belittle their fathers and some saying that their kids would never go through what they went through or are going through.

“Your father is not less than Femi Otedola because he did not buy you a Ferrari. Otedola is a billionaire. The cost of 3 Ferraris is less than 1% of his net worth. If your father spent 5% of his net worth educating you, then your father did more than Otedola. Remember the account of the widow’s mite? Don’t just look at the amount.Rather, look at the sacrifice. $1 million is chicken change to a billionaire. $10,000 is a sacrifice to a working man. Go home and appreciate your father. He did what Otedola has not done!” Reno stated. 

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