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Dress Functionalities BY …Darren Idongesit

Dress Functionalities BY …Darren Idongesit

The ninja wasn’t exactly in a warrior class of feudal Japan due to the nature of their duties.

They were reviled by society and at the zenith of social hierarchy was the Samurai warrior. The ninja’s job was that of surveillance and assassination of top ranking officials like an opposing lord.

For such a daunting task as reconnaissance and assassinating commanders of army battalions, they had to be stealthy, for the ninja to be effective he had to operate from the shadows.

Operating from the shadows required special outfits which were light due to no armour and black, they required light clothes which were comfortable when stalking their prey for days and the dark colour served as camouflage in pitch black nights when they often struck leaving the enemies with a massive psychological blow.

The ninja’s clothing which covered all his face except for a slit for the eyes, was effective and reasonable for their particular role.

The niqab and burqa are religiously imposed dressing for women in fundamentalist Islamic societies and one would ask;

What functionality does it have?

The Islamic ninja-esque apparels don’t serve any purpose except the subjugation of women.

A ninja did of course conceal his whole body from other human beings but this was for a purpose and it wasn’t sexual in nature, if I was going to kill you in your home, I had to be invisible.

The fundamentalist Islamic men force women to conceal their bodies so men don’t get erections and provoked into raping the women!

Is there any more dumb justification than that?

Such views passed by the top echelons of Islamic scholarship in Saudi Arabia are a depressing one and doesn’t paint men like me in a good light.

I am a man and will not rape any woman because of her dressing, it’s her body and her dressing. My business is to mind that business and go my way.

A woman’s choice of dressing shouldn’t be the concern of society, it can only be a concern when at a professional level and that’s when I take offense as a professional;

You can’t wear high heeled shoes in a medical diagnostic laboratory, I’ll certainly take offense.

You can’t wear an Armani cropped top white jacket as replacement for a standardized laboratory coat, its professionally unacceptable.

If I saw a female engineer wear a miniskirt and a high heeled shoe instead of toughen overalls and thick safety boots, I’d conclude she is there to entertain or on a porn shootout.

At a professional level, dressing has functionality which ensures health and safety for workers much like the ninja’s outfit had function.

Dressing must always have functionality especially in a professional setting but one of the functions should never be;

“To seriously reduce the rate of male erections”

Because men are human beings too, not some goat on heat.


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