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Dump The Entitlement Mentality BY …Kyke Davies

Dump The Entitlement Mentality BY …Kyke Davies

As a child , my little mind was playing tricks on me. I was asking questions why my uncles didn’t help my father. They live in a flat and owned cars. Why are they not sharing with their brother? These were the question I had no answers to. I was being tormented!

My entitlement mentality kept on growing by the day. Why can’t my uncle just help. Their children were attending Premiere private primary school and almighty Apata memorial secondary school. Not fair! How dare!

Then my annoyance with my father, why can’t he send some of us to go and live in the flat with them, or send us there on holidays. I was angry ! My mother will always say the adage “ ti ile oge t’oge je”
Both of them were on the same page . They will never send us to live with family. One of my sisters was “omo iyawo” to my aunty. After the wedding they refused to send her back and decided she should live with them.

My mother will nag my Father, “bami lo mu omo mi wale “ go get my child for me. By the third month my Dad went and told the new couple there was a vision from our white garment church that she needs to be on 7 days “Abe abo “ that was the end of her living outside the home . The way my parents operates you would have thought we had so much to eat . But in the midst of it all we had each other.

One thing my parents did so well was to educate us that our uncles and aunt owes us nothing. My father loves his brothers without bitterness. My mom ask them for help once in a while and sometimes they do only what they can do.

In 1998 one my first cousin was moving to US, so we had a send forth party for him. I already started working then. I asked my uncle who was his father why they never cared about us by helping my Dad. He apologized and told me he only had enough to take care of his own children at the time. That he is just joggling his finances.

I asked my other uncle same question and he explained that he usually helps but my parents had 6 children and he that was supposed to help had 3. So it became harder to assist as my parent continue breeding without caution. That’s a fact! I don’t blame him at all.

There are so many people out there that uncles and Aunty’s had invested so much in them, but they never amount to anything in life. While some take the support seriously and turned out right, others take it for granted. One thing you need to know in life is to come to the realization that even your parent owes you nothing after a certain age.

Quit blaming your successful family members . Take ownership of your life. In the end it will all make sense as everything will work together for your good.

Good morning!


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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