Emir Of Daura Marks 15 Years On The Throne, Speaks On His Greatest Pride



Emir Of Daura Marks 15 Years On The Throne, Speaks On His Greatest Pride

The Emir of Daura, Dr Umar Faruq Umar, has said his greatest pride as an emir is the mutual love that exists between him and his subjects in the last 15 years on the throne.

The emir said this on Tuesday while speaking with journalists shortly after the special prayer session organised to commemorate his 15th year on the exalted throne.

He said though he was happy that Daura had witnessed monumental growth in the last 15 years, there is nothing he cherishes more than the way the people of the emirate love him and the way he loves them in return.

“First of all, my subjects know that I love them and I know that they love me, this is more pleasing to me.”

“Secondly, the obedience that I have for our leaders, from the President to the Governor, we have a very cordial relationship, and the way President Buhari appreciates me both in my presence and in my absence is really inspiring to me.

“Thirdly, the way we live in peace with my blood relations, we relate with love and affection with all the members of this royal family.

“Lastly the obedience I enjoy from the district heads, title holders and my royal courtiers. I have never heard of anything displeasing from any of them.

“My greatest wish in life is to meet my creator with faith and my greatest fear is to return to Him while on the wrong side and my prayer is that the way Allah blessed me with happiness in this palace as an emir, may He make me among the dwellers of paradise,” he said.

The emir called for peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians and pleaded for more support for the Buhari administration.

Source:- Daily Trust


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