Every man is the architect of his own future By Slay Queen Bee

Slayqbee; naijafinix reporter

The essentials of success are clear and in the sighs of all. The panic wills at the feeling of failure . True it is the desire of young  to grow it big, but then even the path of growth has steps. So have it all on a plata of gold while some need fights to have it right. What really matters is getting it right. The hardships of life can never be a reason to delve into ill practices and will never be acceptable to any responsible society . Yes I am a graduate who has undergone all form of proper training which makes me an expert in my area of specialization, and who says because I don’t have a job that works with my qualifications I can’t take up any menial job to make ends meet.The strougules of life are unending seems not to be coming to an end.  White collar jobs are not the only way to becoming successful look afar beyond and u will see your shine .Achieve in your best good ,succeed in your favour light, don’t best at what you’re good at and see the outcome. But off cause the road to excellence is never easy. Expect u want to be successful as bad as you need air I can never be successful, it’s a life style you life. Consistence is the key never give up keep pushing and soon you’ll need not push any further

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