Ex- Student of Uniabuja Raped and Molested a Girl in Abuja

An ex-student of University of Abuja who studied Bs.c Economics, graduated last three years, named Ozeal Abdul-Yusuf…. He played Basketball as his sports during his days in uniabuja….

This is a rape case and we all know how sensitive cases like this can be, this story was tweeted earlier today and below is a snapped chat of this young lady and the rapist in question.

Ladies please take note and beware of whom you mingle with and bearably know, as this was a case of a young girl who told her story of just meeting a guy for the first time and due to been desperate got hooked up with this guy and here is the outcome of what she went into,

A brave young woman, Missy Ayom has taken to twitter to narrate how an Abuja-based man allegedly raped her after promising her a job and accommodation.

According to her, the man who goes by the name, Ozeal offered her a job and asked her to meet up with him so he could show her new accommodation but ended up stealing her money and raping her.

Apparently, the guy who goes by different aliases, is a serial rapist because other ladies have contacted Missy Ayom to share stories of their personal encounters with the suspect.

Photo of chats below;

This is the photo of the rapist who is said to be a graduate of University of Abuja


ladies who think that they can swingle into a guy and eat and run please take not that the guys out there are also job hunting on you for your body and littel priceless pride (Your body)

Please carefully read this below ladies in order to be careful and cautions of this kind of personalities in disguise to be what they are not;


Here are some comments from Instagram


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