Facts About The Nigeria At 60 Logo Unveiled By President Buhari



A. Diamond is from the Greek word, “Adamas” which means invincible or unconquerable and enduring. These are the dominant traits of the Nigerian Spirit. We have infused the imagery of the diamond in celebration of the resilience our people are known for.

It is said that diamonds are formed under pressures. It is a metaphor for how the Nigerian Spirit comes forth brilliantly under pressure

B. The logo is a celebration of the over 200 million Nigerian people whose natural talent, grit and passion glitter TOGETHER like the precious DIAMOND that we are.

C. This is a special nod to our most precious asset… OUR PEOPLE. It seems to be etched in our DNA. Everywhere you go, Nigerians sparkling like diamonds in the pack.
Whether in academia, business, innovation, music, movie, entertainment, fashion and culture; Nigerians are colourful people.

D. The figure zero in the ’60’ is composed of millions of constituent crystals depicting millions of Nigerians whose collective strength, creativity and resilience, TOGETHER crystallized into a giant sparkling diamond, the Nigerian Nation.

E. The sparkling Diamond shows:

– the age of TREASURE we have reached, TOGETHER;
– the worth of our people and our land, TOGETHER;
– and how we sparkle TOGETHER, to the admiration of the world.

– F. Generally in branding, green represents wealth, stability, renewal, new beginning and nature. Dark greens are usually used to depict wealth.

G. The PEAR GREEN color depicts our warm and welcoming spirit; as well as The LOVE that has kept us TOGETHER as a NATION. Covid-19 brought forth the best in our people in caring for one another.

– H. The DARK GREEN color is the abundant wealth inherent in our human capital and the richness of our land which TOGETHER make us the MOST PROSPEROUS BLACK NATION in the world and Africa’s largest market.



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