Floyd Mayweather Buys A Private Jet For His 41st Birthday 



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Floyd Mayweather never disappoints when it comes to spending money on things he loves.

Over the weekend he talked about his new, shiny private jet and he already got one for a kick off.

The boxing champion who really loves luxury and spends a lot of money on the most expensive things in life has just acquired a very expensive jet for his personal use in celebration of his 41st birthday.

He shared photos of the private jet on Instagram and wrote;

“I got a new jet for my birthday #AirMayweather #TMT

The former five-weight world champion, who won all 50 of his professional contents, is widely considered the most gifted fighter of his generation.

Floyd Mayweather flaunted the $100million cheque he received for beating McGregor, he was recently seen in a video having some fun with his $30,000 crystal glass tennis table, which is just about N10million in Nigerian currency.

The short video showed Mayweather was no slouch with a bat in hand. But he could soon be putting his talents to better use in the Octagon.

It was revealed this week that he and McGregr are reportedly in talks over a sensational MMA rematch potentially worth $500million (£360m). The pair met in August 2017, when McGregor was stopped in the 10th round of their glitzy Las Vegas boxing match, Mayweather’s

Floyd Mayweather has repeatedly hinted he could be ready to make his debut in the Octagon and even posted a video of himself stepping into an MMA cage last month.

Longtime MMA commentator Joe Rogan claimed Mayweather is already in talks with UFC president Dana White over a potential ‘billion dollar’ deal to fight.

And Mayweather has bragged that he’d received multi-fight deal offers from the UFC and could make a billion dollars if he enters the octagon.

We got Money Friday night in WeHo heading into Serafina restaurant, and he was all about the glitz of wealth. Aside from the jet, he wanted our photog to get a good look at the chain around his neck.

Our photog took a big chance with the champ, daring to say the chain was shiny like C.Z.

Floyd’s 41st birthday is today, and he’s throwing a blowout party for himself.

Lately he’s been out Conoring McGregor, saying he’d be on top even with one arm. Speaking of … there’s a lot of talk about a UFC match between the 2 , but Floyd remains coy.



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