For Every Girl That Looks Innocent, There Is An inner Cardi B or Nicki Minaj Somewhere” – Wale Jana



A businessman, Wale Jana, has reacted to the trending video of Kunle Remi’s wife and Moses Bliss’s fiancee dancing.

Some Nigerians have celebrated the wedding and proposal of both men saying that they went after ‘’decent girls” who display no form of nudity. They were however shocked to see videos of both ladies dancing. Many were more surprised to see videos of Tiwi dancing seductively with her husband, Kunle.

Reacting to the trending debate, Wale wrote;

‘’I have been seeing lots of posts about people saying that guys are going for simple girls and “I laugh in should we tell them?” for every girl you see that looks all innocent what you don’t know is that there is an inner Cardi B or closet Nicki Minaj somewhere. Men are very sexual beings! Many of these ladies that you think look innocent are skilled in some level of Kama sutra they will shock you

Moses Bliss was not attracted by spirituality, a dance attracted him! These guys are marrying good girl baddies!

The internet has been on fire since yesterday with videos of @kunleremiofficial and his wife. These women are sensible women who have learnt to combine spirituality, sexuality and class! A woman doesn’t have to twerk or have tattoos everywhere to be a baddie!

Another thing you want to pay attention to is how accomplished these women are! @mariewiseborn has a Masters in Law while Tiwi is an accomplished business professional in New York. Both women are from very good families. Marie’s father is a well respected pastor in the UK, Tiwi is a niece to Otedola.

Love is no longer blind! Open your eyes! Don’t marry rubbish in the name of love! You have the choice to determine the future of your children by making a proper choice! These couples have shown that you can have love, success and God together! Don’t settle for less.

Congratulations to @kunleremiofficial and his bride once again.”

For every girl that looks innocent, there is an inner Cardi B or Nicki Minaj somewhere - Wale Jana reacts to videos of Kunle Remi?s wife and Moses Bliss? fiancee dancing


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