“Forget Your Husband, I Lost Mine Too” – Single Mother To Housewife



“Forget Your Husband, I Lost Mine Too” – Single Mother To Housewife


There was a mild drama at a popular joint in Lagos as a housewife, Maureen caught her husband, Clifford with a single mother, one Mrs. Happiness, who told her to forget her husband because she can never separate them.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened on Friday at a popular joint located at Omiyale Street in Ejigbo area of Lagos where the single mother -Happiness and Clifford went to enjoy themselves.

Mrs. Happiness – a single mother of five kids, told Maureen that she used to have her own husband until another woman snatched him from her. She said that she had worked hard also to win Clifford’s heart and they had a strong bond.

On Friday, Clifford brought Happiness to the joint in his car and had requested for drinks and fried chicken. They were already eating before his wife Maureen got there on a tip off and disrupted the whole thing.

Maureen shouted and warned Happiness to leave her husband for her. In anger, Happiness reacted immediately and told her that she had already lost her own husband to another woman. While this happened, Clifford looked helpless and said nothing.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that Clifford got married to Maureen the proper way and wedded her in the church in their home town, Nnewi in Anambra State. The union was with blessed with a child and they had been living happily.

However, their peaceful marriage became troublesome the moment Clifford met Happiness from Mgbidi in Imo State at a joint and they became lovers.

It was learnt that after Happiness was dumped by her husband, she dropped her children and came to Lagos where she met Clifford who rented a house at Cyril Njoku Street, Ejigbo whereas Clifford lived around Military Zone in the same Ejigbo.

Mrs. Maureen lamented that since Clifford met Happiness, he had abandoned his family, focused on Happiness, usually came back late and ceased to take care for his only child.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that while Maureen and Happiness were dragging and exchanging hot words, Clifford looked the other way. His attitude did not go down well with the customers present as they attacked him which forced him to enter his car and drive off.

The visibly embattled Maureen was consoled by the people and asked to put everything in prayer until God intervenes and brings back her husband to her.

Some of the residents who witnessed what happened blamed both Clifford and his wife Maureen for the ugly situation.

Some said probably that the wife might not be taking proper care of him before he found solace in Happiness and clung to her.

While others said that Clifford might be under the influence of charms which made him to behave irresponsibly and choose to break his home because of Happiness, as his wife Maureen looked more beautiful than her.





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