Get Over Your Electoral Defeat, Hon. Ben Kalu’s Aide Mocks Chima Anyaso



Senior Legislative Aide to Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Member Representing Bende Federal Constituency, Chidozie Aja has mocked those who instituted a suit alleging that his principal’s certificates do not tally with his surname on his First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, and secondary school certificate, saying they are yet to get over the pain of defeat in the last election.

Hon. Kalu doubles as Spokesperson of the House of Representatives.

In a statement obtained by ABN TV titled, ‘Okey Ezeala and Chima Anyaso, gimmicks of a stooge and his paymaster’ Mr. Chidozie Aja says the lawsuit is a deliberate attempt to keep his principal busy and ensure that he does not concentrate in delivering his mandate to the people of Bende Federal Constituency.
He accused his principal’s opponent in the last election, Chima Anyaso of the PDP as well as Okey Ezeala who allegedly lost a nomination form in APC of being behind his legal ordeal.

While insisting that Hon. Kalu’s academic qualifications are authentic, the legislative aide said those who taught the lawmaker in both primary and secondary school are still alive and can attest that he indeed went through both levels of school.

“It is laughable to say that Rep. Kalu’s school certificate is not authentic when his fellow primary and secondary school mates, as well as the teachers and principals who taught him, are still alive and well and can testify against this allegation.

“For the sake of clarity, Benjamin Okezie Umunna and Benjamin Okezie Osisiogu is the same as Benjamin Okezie Kalu. Both Umunna and Osisiogu were the names of his stepfather which he dropped to proudly bear his biological father’s name – Kalu, hence, Benjamin Okezie Kalu. The right to change his name is absolutely his as allowed by the laws of the Federal Republic, and in doing this, all processes were duly followed which includes an affidavit of change of name, newspaper publication, and gazetting” he said.

Mr. Aja insisted that Anyaso has not accepted defeat ever since he was trounced at the polls by Hon. Kalu, adding that the frivolous court case is a wicked attempt to distract him from his representation assignment.

He took a swipe at Okey Ezeala whom he said had threatened to deal with his principal after failing to clinch the nomination ticket of APC.

“The court suit mentioned in the mischievous publications, is an action sponsored by Rep. Kalu’s opponent who has refused to accept his loss. There is abounding evidence to show that Okey Ezeala, the claimant in this matter, conspired and connived with Rep. Kalu’s opponents to file this matter in court with the intent to keep the legislator busy and distract him from working for the people of Bende.

“It is well known that Okey Ezeala, who is NOT an APC chieftain, has harboured a grudge against Rep. Kalu, because he felt that he was denied the House of Assembly nomination for Bende South in favour of Solomon Okogbue, ignoring the fact that such nomination does not come from an individual but from the people of Bende South. Evidence suggests that Ezeala after threatening to deal with Rep. Kalu, conspired with his political opposition to file this frivolous matter which ordinarily should be a pre-election matter for the purposes of distracting the legislator from working for Bende in return for payment and sponsorship. This was against party directives that no party member should take another to court. There is evidence to show that this negotiation eventually went to the highest bidder including various telephone conversations where Rep. Kalu refused to pay him off to drop the frivolous action.

“As further proof of the nexus between Okey Ezeala and his paymasters, it is on record that barely a month ago, Chima Anyaso lost an attempt to be joined as a party to this matter in the same High Court of Umuahia, where the court informed him that he cannot benefit from a matter after exhausting his rights at the election tribunal and the Court of Appeal. Interestingly, the same Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) who presented Chima Anyaso’s failed bid to be joined as a party, is the same SAN who has been paid to lead Okey Ezeala’s case.”

Mr. Aja, therefore, called on the people of Bende to disregard what he called malicious attempts to distract Hon. Kalu from delivering on his mandate.

“In the same way his opponents lost at the election tribunal and the Court of Appeal, Rep. Kalu has every confidence in the courts that this will not be an exception. The people of Bende are assured that justice will prevail in this matter.

“Rep. Benjamin Okezie Kalu will continue to work for Bende and will not be distracted” the statement concluded.

Source:- Abntv



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