Girl Masturbates On MC Galaxy’s Live Instagram Video To Win Money (+18 Only)



Innocent Udeme Udofot (born 2 May), better known as MC Galaxy, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who is better known for his hit single Sekem.

  • Girl Masturbates On MC Galaxy’s Live Instagram Video To Win Money (+18 Only)

MC Galaxy also likes to amuse himself every friday by making a giveaway which is strictly for (you guessed right) the ladies. Apparently the ladies are free to do what they want even go to extreme just to entertain the artist and he chooses the winner and give prizes.

This action might seem innocent in itself but recently it is gradually becoming clear that the artist might be promoting immorality subtly. As if we haven’t had enough of it already.

In his recent Friday live video, an unidentified girl was seen masturbating and f∆¢k!ng herself with a coccumber, moaning, not caring if her vagina was on full display to the public. A few seconds into the video MC Galaxy acts as though he wasn’t aware.

We want you to watch the video for yourself and give your opinion. Do you think artist like these should be allowed to continue encouraging our girls to do such? As for the lady in question she is yet to be identified.

These are dark times. We do not know what this generation is becoming. If you have kids, please teach them the core values of living.



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