How Can You Make Money Online (See Instructions) 

 How Can You Make Money Online On Autopilot? 

The word autopilot is primarily used in the aviation industry to refer to a system that is used to control the flight of an aircraft without the frequent hands-on control of the pilot. 

The word has been borrowed by different sections of the society to mean a lot of things. However, autopilot in online business simply refers to the system of automating a business so that it generates money for you with little or no supervision at all. 

The biggest question that has been repeatedly asked is if this is possible. My answer is “yes.” However, the problem remains in identifying what it means for an online business to operate on autopilot.

Consequently, I shall deal with the myth around this strategy and counter it with facts. This should clear any misconception around the subject of earning money on autopilot.

The myth and the fact; 

Myth: Autopilot means you don’t have to invest any effort in the business model. Just follow the process contained in the instructions you were given and set up the autopilot system. Once you do that, you will start earning money forever.

Fact: Autopilot may mean little or no effort but not at the beginning. Starting anything that is worthwhile often requires efforts. In fact, many believe that it is more difficult to get a business running than keep it running. If you want to have an autopilot system, it is possible but you may need to put in efforts at the beginning till the business can run without you. This is realistic compared to the myth people have. 

When you invest your time and efforts into it, you can then expect it to start generating money for you. It’s not magic; it’s having a smart business sense. A lot of companies adopt this approach in their marketing strategy.

How much time is required at the beginning?

The amount of time you need to automate an online business depends on the knowledge of the business you have and the nature of the business. Some businesses may take up to two months to set up after which they can start earning with little supervision. The two months doesn’t necessarily mean working 24 hours each day; it may mean dedicating 2 hours a day to set up the autopilot system.

What kind of online business can you automate?

There are several online businesses that you set to autopilot mode. One of them is freelancing. Quite a number of Nigerians are aware of this. It’s commonly called “Fiverr arbitrage”. Using this model, you simply receive orders on your gig at a certain price and then hand it over to sellers on Fiverr to execute it for a lower price. You don’t get to do any work (except you choose to) but you get to earn because you have orders streaming in. The whole process is a “rinse and repeat” system. 

The best online business that can fetch you money on autopilot is affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, when you promote the products of companies, you get paid a commission for the sales you generate. As I earlier explained, you can automate this business after doing the ground work. Once you’ve done this, you can sit back and watch your earnings rise based on the efforts you have made at the beginning.

For instance, if you use your affiliate link on products on a blog, you can be assured that even if you don’t visit the blog again, your link is still there and the readers will always see it whenever they visit the blog. That way, you can still earn money 3 months after you did the initial work on the blog because your post (in which the affiliate link was inserted) is still relevant and helpful to people. There are tons of information I’ve shared in previous blog posts.

It’s the same method even if you use YouTube. Your videos remain there and continue to generate views and ultimately income for you.


1. Work during your own hours When you start our own online business, you can choose when to work. Some people prefer to work during the night (m


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