“How I Was Scammed At Onitsha Computer Villa” – Man Tells His Story



“How I Was Scammed At Onitsha Computer Villa” – Man Tells His Story

According to the man who took to Nairaland forum to share his story…

It all started on friday morning, I summoned courage to get a new phone after loosing one few days ago, all I care to have is a new big phone to serve me well.

Right here in my street, the brand i could wish for is not available and i had to get it from the horses mouth. I set for onitsha.down there everything looks genuine and i was prepared not to be scammed.

I have been scammed at ikeja computer villa by one calabar guy where i went to but a big phone of 90k for 30k.chai greediness choked me then sha..

Right here in onitsha i wondered through the busy shops nd plazas just staring anyhow i like,until i saw one extreme beautiful lady, i felt bitter i couldnt reach her, she was inside a shop with a hansome guy also.

Chai i took a deep breath and caution my though to behave well.. While trying to face my bisiness there, a guy kept on pressing me to check and buy from him, he looks so innocent, i gave in. Requested for tecno k9. We bargained and concluded on 30k .cartoon broken, phone lightly checked nd tested. I trusted him to giving me a nice, there he made some efforts to scam me through carlcare registration but my instint rejected,i set for home, charged phone for complete 8 hrs before it could get filled, while phone was taking time to full charge i was even happy atleast it could read to a strong lasting battery.

But i was very wrong i was played! While setting up the phone i discovered it was draining fast beyond control. I became suspicious of the whole deal. Checking some features in the phone,it somehow different from the k9 i had used. Damn! my enemy had caught me,the phone intentionally drained down in less than 2hrs. (a supposed 3400mah battery) the phone was hanging crying limited space (2gb ram).chai i started sweating i had no clue how to return the phone back as the receip says no refund of money after payment..

I held my self and retired to bed in agony a day after i had to open a thread seeking advice how to return the phone back. I got some tips and decided to get back to them on monday since it was weekend..



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