“How My Friend Tried Raping Me After Initially Being Extremely Nice” – Lady



How my friend tried raping me after initially being extremely nice – Nigerian lady.


A story and a thread.
Sometime in 2016 I was flying from Lagos to Abuja in the evening. Aero rescheduled the flight and I ended up getting to Abj after 11pm . I was to go to school(Nasarawa state university) straight and it was already late. Before I will get to Nyanya

To my place, I thanked him and declined, reason being, Yes we’ve been chatting well but we’ve only met once and I didn’t know him beyond our chats and phone calls after the first day we met. he called me on the phone and convinced me to come over, said what I’m I scared of?

He is not a child and can’t go to bed knowing his friend is stranded at the airport. Long story short I took a cab to wuse and met Seyi then the drive to his house somewhere around Apo extension. He went to bed straight, I’m naturally a night person plus the fact that I was

Not in a familiar place, I could not sleep. Had my bath then started pressing my phone. Seyi woke up later and started trying to touch me, I told him no, got to the point where I started pleading and crying because he was becoming difficult. In his words “Things cannot

always go your way” . After plenty begging and crying I asked him “Do you want me to leave your house this night?” Seyi said yes, if you cannot have sex with me you will have to leave. I was fully clothed already so I just wore a sweatshirt on the top I was wearing and

Picked my small traveling bag. I walked out of the door, it was 2:18am. Made the long walk to the estate gate and asked the security guys if I can get a cab they said no. I asked if can sit with them till daybreak and they agreed. Few minutes later

Seyi appeared at the gate and asked the security guys “What is she doing here? Are people allowed to sit here? The guys started saying no Sir and he told them if she can’t go back to where she is coming from let her go out. They were all staring at me , I told them to open

the gate and I sat outside. I was sobbing quietly, minutes later Seyi came outside to tell me He was sorry, he didn’t know I have mind like this, please he can’t sleep knowing I’m out here, bla bla bla. I didn’t say a word to him. He stood there with me and talked plenty

In my mind, I was just saying the God that has delivered me from that lions den nothing is taking me back there. Seyi went inside, drove his car out and told me to enter the car, that he will take me to wherever I want to go in Abuja that night. It was almost dawn by

this time. I refused, he begged me for over 30 mins until I saw another car coming from a distance, since it’s a lonely and untarred road that leads to the estate I entered the car so there can be another car behind us Incase he tries something funny.

that was how we drove to the junction, where the tarred road begins and we saw two cabs and the drivers gisting. I told him to drop me. I came down and asked one of the cab men(an older man) if he can take me to Nyanya he said yes, called a big amount

Seyi was trying to negotiate price and all, without saying a word to Seyi I entered the cab, Baba please let’s go. The moment the Baba started started moving that was when my tears and serious sobbing appeared from nowhere. My God, the man asked me what

Was wrong and I explained to him. He consoled me and dropped some words of wisdom. Did not drop me at Nyanya but took me to the house I was going to in Karu, I had to sit outside and wait for the time for prayers then some Muslims going for prayers opened the gate and

I went in. I don’t tell this story because even me I find it difficult to accept that this poo happened to me, somehow it still makes me emotional when ever I remember. And anytime I’m asked what’s the most terrible experience I’ve ever had, I don’t share this but

this is really the most horrible experience I have ever had in my life. I never called, texted or insulted Seyi. He called that morning I don’t pick then sent a text that he wanted to be sure if I got to where I was going to safe. I replied in the affirmative and that was all

I decided to share this story after seeing a similar story shared on an Instagram page today. This has affected my meeting new people and trusting people enough to visit them even after meeting up in open places . Ladies let’s be careful. Thanks for reading, now kindly Retweet.



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