How To Make Money On Twitter From Nigeria

There are several ways of making money online. Though they are not all equal in terms of income generation, they are, nevertheless, valid. When it comes to how to earn money on Twitter, there are various opportunities through which you can make money on Twitter. 

While many may try to argue the above fact, there are several stories of people who earn on the Twitter on per tweet basis. 
While not everyone can earn huge sums like the celebrities from Twitter, there are still other remarkable ways you can earn money on Twitter. All it takes is some creativity and a little self-will. If you’re ready, let’s explore some of the ways to earn on the micro blogging platform. 
1. Use sponsored tweets 

You can charge businesses for tweets from your accounts using ad services. is a reputable ad service for Twitter users which allows you to set your desired price per click for ads that you’d tweet. Interestingly, you can also choose which tweets you want from the list of thousands of ads of advertisers which is updated regularly.

To qualify to use the ad service, you must have at least 50 followers and 100 tweets and also a Twitter account that is at least 2 months old. However, the more followers you have, the money you stand to earn. 
2. Discover new leads

This method requires a little creativity and a little research. As you know, Twitter has a fantastic search engine tool. So you can search for new customers based on their bios and what they’re tweeting. 

For instance, if the trend is about people tweeting about lack of power supply and the fact that their phones have been down, you could simply tweet at individuals and let them know you’re selling power banks at an amazing price. The point is that you need to look beyond the entertainment in the trends to spot the needs people have. 

3. Promote products

Being a popular micro blogging platform, you can seize the opportunity to promote products and get paid a commission for every sale that comes through your link. Yes, you’re right, this is called affiliate marketing. 

While you promote the products, always remember to help customers see why they need the product and also to include a call to action. There are several affiliate programs you can join such as Konga, Jumia, Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale etc. 
4. Twittad

Twittad claims they’re one of the first popular ads service in existence. Like other ad services, you can monetize your Twitter account and let it earn some money for you. You are also able to set your cost per click and wait for advertisers to accept your bid.

This service has been tweaked continually for 2 years so you can be assured that you’re dealing with a company that is ethical and ……..


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