I Am Who I Am; Too Bad For You, Says Seyi Awolowo Of BBNaija.



I am who I am, too bad for you - BBNaija's Seyi Awolowo

During an interview on Pulse Nigeria’s One-on-One program, the newly booted Big Brother All Stars housemate expressed his opinion. He was questioned about how he felt about being kicked out because he believed he would win in the end. He continued by saying that he was aware of his dislike even before leaving the Big Brother house.

“Coming out knowing that a lot of people hated me, what is life without hate?” he boastfully asked. Unfortunately for you all, I’m still who I am. Many people despise me for being who I am.

He emphasized that he did not care to be loved by people who do not know him and do not have the time when asked if he wanted to be liked. Seyi also firmly held the opinion that he does not care whether he is loathed by people because it is unavoidable. He continued by saying that only after getting to know him can one decide whether or not to hate him.

Since making offensive and concerning remarks while he was a contestant on the reality show, the reality star has received criticism from the general public. He made a suggestion that his sons might one day be allowed to engage in extramarital relationships with other people’s daughters.

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“I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account,” were his famed comments. I will give them the keys to the guest house, they can go run errands on other people’s girls, and I will acquire that account for my son. My firstborn son, who will f**k your daughter, is a boy. They come to my house and tell me, “Daddy, I need the Benz.” I’ll give them the keys to the guesthouse and the Benz, and they can go run the train on the people’s daughters. I’m having sons, and they’re f**king your daughter.

He apologized to the public for his remarks in a sad statement following his eviction from the home. He claims that brands have also put him on their blacklists as a result, and he is at a loss as to what to do next. However, it now seems that his earlier regretful thoughts were fleeting.


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