I Feared For My life During The 2023 Elections – Kate Henshaw



A long time critic of the government, she said that she took extra precaution at the time to secure the future of her daughter.

Kate Henshaw made sure that her daughter Gabrielle would be taken care of , in case anything happened [Premium times]

Speaking with media personality Chude Jideonwo, she recalled that her sister advised her to apply caution with her commentary of the election at the time. Henshaw said that she gave her sister the combination of her safe and control of her bank account if something happened to her.

“I remember during the election my sister was saying, ‘Be careful.’ I told her that God is the only one that can take my life if he says let it go. That means I’ve done my bit and I will go. I told her this is the combination to the safe, your name is in the bank as my next of kin. Yeah, I told my sister that. She had signed some documents in case anything happened. I told her to please take care of my daughter,” she

Back in 2023, Henshaw was part of the noticeably active Nigerian celebrities who used her platform to educate and mobilise the masses about the elections. She was incredibly vocal during this time across her social platforms and in person. She even called out the Electoral Commission on their flaws, and at a point recieved backlash for her stance.

The Chief Daddy actress said that she can’t live a life where she can’t speak up about the issues she cares about and truth to power.

“Because what is this life?” she continued. “People have died for less so it is better to speak your mind and live your truth than you be silent. I won’t say that silence is cowardly, but if God has given you the courage and strength dedicate my life to always speaking the truth.”

“I dedicate my life to it, to always speaking the truth. And I pray that money will never ever be my lord and master. It will always serve me. You can’t buy me with money. I want to be able to open my mouth and speak to you,” she added.



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