“I Lost Weight For My Boyfriend” – Popular Actress, Uche Ogbodo



Uche Ogbodo is the latest celebrity cover for Rainbow and NicsonAfrica Magazines, August and July edition respectively.

Coming through with her white ‘charm’ and rose for Rainbow Magazine, Uche Ogbodo talked about reinventing herself, being relevant in the movie industry for over 13 years and losing weight for her boyfriend. According to actress, ‘sometimes to keep something you truly love, you have to do something you have never done before’.

‘I have never really opened up about what pushed me into loosing weight and reinventing myself to this point where am loving myself everyday. •My boyfriend’ she added.

‘Yes, you heard me. He pushed me into loosing weight because he felt I was too sexy to be wrapped up in a body that deprived me of so much. And Damn Sure he was Right! . Child birth transformed me so much that I gave up so much and almost lost my career and those who I truly loved and cared about.

‘For every girl out there who is trying to take back their man or their career, trust me you can; you can become whoever you want and be whatever you want and even though people’s perception about you should not become your reality but at some point in your life, you have to REINVENT yourself to stay relevant in a career or in a relationship’ she concluded.

Uche Ogbodo also disclosed that she is organizing a boot camp for 20 fans, to teach them how to shed weight without side effects. She wrote on Instagram;

When You Turn Your Negativity Into Positivity, You will Become the POWER you need to Excel ! I Find my Drive When People put me down , and tell me I Can’t! . You ain’t my God so how do you know I Can’t? � .. pls I’m full of grace at the moment and I can’t wait to share with you all the good things God has done for me within this short period.

But first , I would like to share a little of my time with some of those women and men (Fans) who always bug me on the dm asking me my secret recipe to my amazing body transformation., those people who do not know what to do or how to do it., I want to help. So I am organizing a Bootcamp with 20 of my Fans every Last Saturday of Every month , starting from August. We will work out together and I educate you on what to do to shed extra pounds off without side effects . You can ask me all the questions you want on that day. And Participants will be chosen From the Comment Section. So Tag that person you want to help loose weight

Securing her place with a confident woman pose for NicsonAfrica Magazine, Uche Ogbodo talked about love at first sight, being happy and what makes her sad.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

Do you believe in Love at first Sight?

I don’t believe in Love at first Sight! That poo is overrated. Nothing like it . It is brain Wash 
Would you give up your career, or take a break from your career for love ? I can’t give Up my Career for what I don’t believe In. And I’m not taking No break from my Career for anybody except myself. It took my Sweat and blood to build it!

What makes you happy most ? And also what makes u sad most ??

I’m happy when I’m Soaring and breaking Barriers! I love to Prove! I’m a Prover! If there is anything like that! And I’m sad when I run out of boundaries to break!
how would someone get your special attention?

Uche Ogbodo also penned down an open letter to every woman who believes she is nothing. According to her, showing how to love begins with every woman. The post reads;

This love letter is to that girl within every woman who believes she is nothing. This letter is to remind you – babe, you’re strong. You’re beautiful. You’re powerful. You’re brave. You’re a wonderful masterpiece that isn’t even finished yet.

You have a purpose in this world to show how to love and it begins within you. You are not an ugly, broken thing. You are a woman who can stand tall in light of difficulty. You are a woman who can soften with compassion and empathy. You are a woman who has seen the good in other people just as much as she has seen the bad.

You are a woman wise and well-worn like a blanket that keeps those she loves warm. You are a woman who is fierce, wild and adventurous. Even when you are more prone to quiet moments and tranquil scenery: remember you are glorious even in the stillness

This letter is to the girl in the mirror, You are a Goddess

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