I See Beauty, Actor Aki Defends Lady Who Posed Nude With Her Child



I See Beauty, Actor Aki Defends Lady Who Posed Nude With Her Child

Nollywood actor Chinedu Ikedieze popularly knows as Aki defended a lady who posed naked with her baby to take a picture.

An Instagram user shared the picture and commend the lady for exposing her body for a photo but actor Chinedu Ikedieze said the picture is lovely and he saw a beauty.

The picture was shared on Instagram and captioned;

Look at what a mother posted on her page.. why are women not shy about their private parts any more? What kind of civilization is this bikonu? Is better u girls go to work naked or walk on the streets naked without clothes instead of doing that only in the  studio… a times the way ladies cover their legs in my church during service u will never believe they will still go nude online for the world to see their private parts and they will never see guys go naked.. No wonder my pastor said that women are wired differently from men… I now agree…

Actor Chinedu Ikedieze commented on picture stating;

But ds pix is lovely Onyem. Her nakedness is carefully hidden. Me I see beauty sha.

While the  Instagram user who shared the photo replied him writing;

@chineduikedieze my brother even though her vagina was carefully hidden, are we suppose to see a woman’s body like this without clothes? Her body is meant for her husband alone and bible said that a woman’s body is the temple of God… we are not supposed to see her body wether she hid her nipples and camel tow.. bro.. ok are u not seeing her bum bum now

Another person wrote;

But i ask,why do women do this?whats sexy abt dis and who started this madness?Our nakedness as a woman is our pride and strength.I am so pained bec this has really affected our value as women.No wonder sex is everywhere and love is scarce,people date for a week and breakup bec there are options everywhre..I am nt a saint bt i pray we get ourselves back as women




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