Iboi Okhue: 30 Political Groups Will Pull Out Of APC – Witch Doctor



Iboi Okhue: 30 Political Groups Will Pull Out Of APC – Witch Doctor

By Daniel Abia

P/HARCOURT – The last has not been heard of the internal wrangling in the rul­ing All Progressives Congress, (APC), despite its successful conduct of the high­ly anticipated national conven­tion held at Eagle Square, Abu­ja last Saturday.

A popular Nigerian witch doctor and spokesman of the White Witches and Wizards As­sociation of Nigeria, (WWAN), Dr. Iboi Okhue, in his April pre­dictions he exclusively shared with the Saturday INDEPEN­DENT, said no less than thirty political groups would “pull out” from the party before the end of this month.

Dr. Okhue, who predicted the death of former Military Head of state, General Sani Abacha except he apologised to the family of late Ogoni environmental activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa, revealed that members of the thirty groups who attended the national con­vention were not happy with the decision taken by Presi­dent Muhammadu Buhari and some vested interest for consensus candidates in the various positions for the con­vention, adding that they were at the venue of the event with “double mind” having held three meetings before then to decide on the possible action to take after the convention.

He stated that the groups would take a final decision this month of April in their last meeting scheduled to take place later in the month.

The spokesman of the noc­turnal group revealed that the decision of the groups to pull out of the APC would critically affect the performance of the party in the 2023 general elec­tions, adding that they have already identified the political parties they would pitch tent with to pursue the ambitions of their respective candidates in the coming elections.

Dr. Oklhue, who was a mem­ber of the Edo State Board of Traditional Council, BTC, said prior to the APC convention on March 26, 2022, at Abuja, the spirits of the Nigeria’s found­ing fathers had converged on the Eagle Square burning with anger and fury and regretted the way the country was being administered by the present leadership despite its abun­dant human and material re­sources.

“The founding fathers of Nigeria are very angry about the way things have so deterio­rated in Nigeria. They said this country has every potential that should make it a super­power, at least in Africa”.

According to him, the blood­bath being witnessed in the country would end before the exit of the Buhari government in May 29, 2023, saying that “this was a unanimous resolu­tion taken by all herbal doctors in Nigeria” during their meet­ing at Zuma Rock, Abuja.

“Bloodbath in Nigeria is too much. We the herbal doctors in Nigeria had a three-day meeting at Zuma Rock and resolve our willingness to support the present government to end the carnage in the country. We decided that before this government leaves next year, Nigeria would be at peace with itself.

“We took a unified decision to ensure that government is given the necessary support to end the bloodshed in the coun­try. Those who take delight in killing unarmed Nigerians and kidnap the innocent ones would down their tools natural­ly and embrace peace”, he said.

He revealed that the meet­ing to work out a modality to end wanton killings in the country by terrorists and ban­dits lasted from Wednesday, March 30 and was rounded off on Friday, April 1.

Dr. Okhue also predicted that a sitting APC governor in the south-eastern region of the country would be impeached if he does not turn to God in prayers.

Accordingly, while the Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP), has a brighter opportunity to take over power at the center, APC, on the other hand may breakup due mainly to inter­nal distrust and suspicion among its members. “This was aggravated by the way the last convention went. Not ev­erybody was happy about the way it was conducted but alot of APC members are afraid to speak out”.

He said many aspirants will waste billions of naira to con­test for various positions, they will not win because “Aso Rock is not for sale.”

Source:- Independent Ng


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