Is There Any Venereal Disease That Can Paralyze A joystick Just After Intercourse?



Is There Any Venereal Disease That Can Paralyze A joystick Just After Intercourse? 

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I have been married for like Ten years with kids. My wife is a very good, faithful and wonderful lady. I traveled out of the country for 2 years and just came back this last December. However since then I have this rather strange problem, which has never happened prior to this period.

My wife is frigid. She really doesn’t like sex. I hate that aspect of her. I have a high sex drive while she has little to zero sex drive. This has of course brought all sorts quarrel over the years. I have since learnt to manage her that way and bear that as my cross, since that is her only weak point. But its not easy.

I made love to my wife the first day I came back. It was all good. But subsequent attempts to make love to her, my joystick simply refuses to stand erect. Try everything in the book still it will not stand. It’s like the joystick is scared of my wife, because even a thought of her makes an erect joystick go flat immediately. If I strive to put it in with lots and lots of efforts, hoping it will thicken inside, it will stay for 35 seconds, less than a minute and ejaculate.

I have had to go for tests and it shows no sickness nor venereal disease. But I have gone for an intensive treatment for all kinds of powerful venereal disease, known and unknown for 3 weeks just to leave nothing to chance. After that, the joystick started getting up again.

I made love to my wife very powerfully again after the treatment. I lasted for 45 minutes or there about for a round which is my usual style. I was happy that everything is back to normal. However 2 days later we tried to make love again, the joystick starts being shy of my wife again. It has been several days since then we have kept on trying, no headway at all. Am confused. The joystick simply refuses to stand erect – Jeez this is scary …

I want to take my wife for a test of her own though she has no symptoms of any illness as I also didn’t have prior to all these.

However I want to know:

Is there any venereal disease that is strong enough to paralyze a joystick just one day after enjoying it?

Could this be as a result of some other reason or factor which I don’t know nor understand?

Note: My wife is a very faithful one and I trust her. However I just want to explore every possibility.

Also note that prior to this I could go for 3 to 5 rounds in a single night, with each round lasting for 45 minutes or there about. Am 41 if you care to know. (Well with my wife its always 1 round of like 1 hour duration)

I love good sex and this is frustrating the hell out of me. Please every kind of advice would be considered, even the weird ones lol…



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