It Is Politically Over For You: Femi Fani-Kayode Mocks Dino Melaye



It Is Politically Over For You: Femi Fani-Kayode Mocks Dino Melaye

Despite all his loud and boastful rantings, puerile noise-making, clownish behaviour, crude bum-fuckery, infantile court-jesting, nauseating gorilla-dancing, gratutious insults, foul-mouthed bluster, tough guy “gra gra” and area boy antics and in spite of his membership of the ‘Bugger Me Stiff United Football Club’, he received the flogging and trouncing of his pitiful life in the Kogi state Governorship election.

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Out of the 751,000 votes that were cast he could not even muster up to 47,000. That is approximately 5%.

Worst still he came in a very distant third in the race and some have even said fourth! How sad!

This is a man that was once elected as a House of Reps member and a Senator!

This is a man that mocked PBAT for his age, called him a drug dealer, accused him of being a drug addict, threatened to violate the honor of the First Lady, rolled all over the floor during the presidential campaign rallies in the name of depicting our President as an invalid and geriatric and threatened us with hell, fire and brimstone if Asiwaju won.

Well today he is where he is and politically its all over for him. How are the mighty fallen!

It appears that the White Lion of Kogi made good his promise and has retired him from politics permanently.

My heart goes out to him.
Chief Femi Fani-Kayode


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